Ditching Plastic To Reach My Zero Waste Goals

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Ditching Plastic To Reach My Zero Waste Goals

The older I get the more green I become because I’ve realized just how important our Earth is. While I know I could still do better, I’ve been working with EarthHero to improve even more. While I’m not completely out of plastic in my home, I’m well on my way to ditching plastic in an effort to save money, leave the Earth a better place for more generations to come and of course reuse as much as I can. EarthHero has a large selection of products available but today we are going to talk about some easy ways we can all implement to ditch plastic in homes.


Use Reusable Water Bottles

Here at our house, we have several reusable water bottles and we use a pitcher filter to filter our hard water. Then, we keep the filled bottles in the fridge so we always have something cold to drink.

Start using glass containers instead of the disposable plastic ones. I know I am guilty of having lots of disposable plastic containers for packing lunches, storing leftovers and of course keeping food fresher longer. However, I love the taste of food that has been stored in a glass as opposed to plastic. I swear I can taste the difference, already and I’ve only been using glass for about a month.

Ditch the Plastic Straws

Ditch the Plastic Straws

This one at first was a little tougher for me because I’m a straw lover, but since getting our bigger metal to go cups, I’ve made the transition glass straws. They are really easy to keep clean as long as you have a straw brush and I always have my cup with me. So when we go out to eat at a fast food restaurant we just ask that they fill our own cups instead of using their own cups. It does take a little explaining especially if you are in the drive through, but most places are happy to fill our cups. We even fill them at our local gas stations and they usually have a refill price so we save money as well, so it’s like a double win.

The Bee's Wrap

The Bee’s Wrap

Pitch the aluminum foil and plastic wraps and say hello to Bee’s Wrap! transition glass straws that allow you to mold the wrap to anything you choose in the kitchen. Then, when you are done with it, you wash it in cool water and let it dry and it’s as good as new. It comes in a pack of three, so be sure to pick up two packages so you can ditch the plastic in an effort to reach your zero waste goals.

Bio Bag Reusable bags

Start Composting

I love using my Noaway Countertop Compost Bin because it allows me to keep all of my leftovers, scraps and so forth out of the trash can. Then, when it is full I carry it out to the garden and dump it in the corner so nature can do its work. I can even add in reusable and compostable BioBags that have been used as many times as I possibly can. Just remember that the initial cost is higher, but I’m still using the BioBags that I took out of the box over a month ago.

Compost bins from alasaw are the perfect gift

Purchase Bamboo Items

Purchase Bamboo Items instead of other woods, because it is a sustainable solution. Bamboo grows quickly and self-regenerates from its roots and doesn’t need re-planted. We have a bigger Bamboo Cutting Board that we have had for several years and it is something we use every single day. I’m looking forward to getting a smaller cutting board as we look into downsizing our homes.

Clean with Water

There are lots of great brands out there that allow you to clean with water. H2O at Home has made its way into my home and let me tell you, I have nothing but good things to say about it. While it may not be the company or brand for you there are lots of great brands to help you live a little greener! Check out the wide selection of green cleaning items available from EarthHero because every little change we make now will impact our Earth and future generations.

By implementing small practices and changing some of our wasteful habits, we can all collectively reduce our trash output and move towards ditching plastics.

50% of the plastic used in the U.S. is used just once, then thrown away!



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