Don Harrison For Teacher Of The Year



Don Harrison For Teacher Of The Year

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He WON!!!! What an amazing honor and an excellent teacher, role model and community member!

As many of you know I am a certified elementary teacher and spent 10 years in the classroom. Then, one year I lost my job due to budget cuts and my job as I knew it changed a lot. I loved teaching and honestly could never see myself not teaching a room full of kids year after year. But God had a different plan and when I was “bored” I started a Facebook page to help others save money just like I was doing. Then, one day a blogger emailed me and told me a few things about blogging and urged me to start my own website. I did so very reluctantly and never expected it to turn into a full time job, but just as a way to spend my time more productively.

In the last 4 years I have learned a lot about social media, writing, publishing, traveling, photography, and so much more! But I have also been rewarded with once in a lifetime things for my hard work. Don Harrison is up for a once in a lifetime honor for his hard work and dedication to his students, community and of course his family. Mr. Donn Harrison is a Kindergarten teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Cameron, MO and has made it to the top 4 finalist in the Top Teacher 2015 on the Live, Kelly & Michael Show!

Representatives from the Kelly & Michael Show will be in Cameron, Missouri to see just how proud Cameron is of the one and the only Donn Harrison. We can help Mr. Harrison bring home the Top Teacher 2015 Award just by showing our support as well as voting for him on May 7th!

Be sure to check out the Don Harrison For Teacher of the Year on Facebook  to stay up to date on all activities, support and of course voting!

Series of Events for Voting and more!

Sunday, April 26th the film crew from Live with Kelly and Michael will arrive.

Monday, April 27th they will be taping in town all day and evening. That night at the football field there is a pep rally for Donn at 7 p.m. The Dave Goodwin Football Field is across road from 603 S. Chestnut, Cameron,  MO. The closest intersection is Seminary and Chestnut. Take Walnut Street to Ford street West and you will run straight into field parking.

Tuesday, April 28th the town will continue to be taped for the show.
May 7th at 10 a.m. eastern time voting begins. You may vote once an hour per device here!! Please take the time to vote and to get everyone that you know to vote too!!

May 8th at 8 a.m. eastern time voting ends.

The winner will be announced on the air with all four contestants there.

Be sure you VOTE Don Harrison For Teacher Of The Year!!!