Dreamworks Dragons Race To The Edge

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Dreamworks Dragons Race To The Edge

Dreamworks Dragons Race To The Edge

Hiccup stumbles upon a mysterious, ancient treasure while exploring an abandoned, booby-trapped ship. Will he uncover the truth behind this highly protected secret? Find out when DreamWorks Animation’s “Dragons: Race to the Edge” debuts June 26th exclusively on Netflix and share a sneak peek with this clip from the series below! 

Check out this extraordinary replica of Hiccup’s map that is seen the series! This map leads Hiccup on unbelievable journeys and remarkable adventures! Be sure you head out on your own Dragon Hunt with this adorable binocular craft from Making of a Mom! 
Dreamworks Dragons Race to the Edge
Get ready and Race to the Edge with Dreamworks and Dragons Race to the Edge! Because it is a must watch series that will keep you on the edge of your seat! While in LA this last week I had the pleasure of meeting Toothless, animators, show producers and so much more! I loved the first two episodes of Dragons Race to the Edge and can’t wait for June 26th to make it here! 
I’m not sure which character is my favorite just yet, but let’s just say that Hiccup and Toothless are at the top of the list!! But with new adventures, new dragons and new villains this has to be explored soon! Unlike anything you have ever seen before you will soon learn why “This changes everything!”
Stay tuned for some behind the scenes information, more about the characters and so much more in the next week! This is one series you want to watch with the kids! 



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I know this is an old post, but do you know where I might find one of those Maps? A real one I can pit on the wall?

I’m so excited for this series to come out! Thanks for linking to my craft!