Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Earth Day is quickly approaching! If you have little ones or just want to honor the earth, then Earth Day is an awesome day to get involved with. When it comes to Earth Day, sometimes you don’t know whether to plant a tree or to kiss a tree. However, these Earth Celebration Ideas are awesome and will help you choose an idea.

Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Plant a Garden

When it comes to Earth Day, why not plant a garden? It’s a great way to give back to the Earth and learn a thing or two as well. What I love about planting a garden on Earth Day is that you can easily do it together as a family.

Have an Earth Day Party

It may seem kind of weird to throw a party for the Earth, but then again, it’s not so weird. You can make little party favors to represent Earth Day. Think about doing little bushes for cupcakes. If you get creative enough, you can make it work!

Give Back to the Earth

You can really celebrate Earth Day by giving back to the Earth. Pick up trash, help plant trees, or even help build something out of recyclables. It’s all up to you on Earth Day! Decide how you will give back and enjoy every minute of it. The cool thing about giving back on Earth Day is that you get to decide how you do it. Get people involved if you can and do things to help celebrate the Earth, together.

As you can see, celebrating Earth Day is a lot more fun than you can imagine. When I think about Earth Day, I think about ways I can give back. Of course, you can have fun on Earth Day too!

What tips do you have for celebrating Earth Day?

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Ilove to plant gardens