Education Is Not Boring: Extraordinary Museums in the U.S. You Need to Visit

Today I will prove to you that museums could be more fun than amusement parks on multiple occasions. Just imagine, only Washington D. C. has 220 museums. Good enough to satisfy any taste and any wallet size. We pick for you the most extraordinary ones.

MoPOP: Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle

MoPOP: Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle

We are used to science museums and stuffed animals. In Seattle, they have a museum dedicated to pop. I am not talking about your favorite pop acts. This museum is keen on popular culture in general. Even as you are approaching the museum from the outside, you can tell that there is no way it will be boring! This museum does not provide personal guides, but if you are rich enough they can bend the rules for $500. Today I am your personal tour guide. Tips are welcome.

Pop culture is not for aficionados. It is about whatever is popular. It is about music, movies, comic books, etc. Right away, you will see an Exhibit A. It is a real guitar tornado! All the way up to the ceiling. The gigantic collection of instruments was dedicated to the most popular genre – rock music. This tornado features 700 instruments – 500 guitars, dozens of drums and synthesizers. Some of those instruments are plugged into a computer. For example, the guitar pick is hitting the strings! It is alive! 

It sounds not like a Metallica, but nonetheless, pretty impressive for a machine. I know some artists from back home that would cry right now.

Play & Listen

Besides listening, you can also play instruments in this museum. The drum table amazes even the drummers. This is the only museum that allows you to play real instruments inside a professional recording studio. Looks just like Abbey Rd. Studious. You can walk around, play and touch everything for hours! Well, almost everything. It will be hard to touch the guitar that is made of air. Notice the sign and the joke “Please, do not touch”. The guitar in the museum belongs to a 2016 air guitar competition. You will be itching to play something on it, but it says you cannot touch an exhibit.

Pop Culture

The next section of pop culture is about the movies, it is called science fiction hall. It seems like they have traveled through space and time to collect these artifacts. What an eye candy! There are weapons from “Men in Black”, “The Aliens”, “Robocop”. They boast the things from the movies that everyone has dreamed of when they were a child – the knapsack and the trap from “Ghostbusters”, the leather jacket worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger on a set of the original Terminator, sexy outfit from “The Fifth Element”. Want to know how I feel old? The first Terminator movie came out the same year as you.

I recommend a pop culture museum to everyone. Here you can do impossible things like becoming a star and even getting behind the silver screen.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas

Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas

Let us see what they have got. “Look at these cool Pokémon” is what I would have said. It is not like I know that this is a water molecule. The science museum in Dallas features space travel. You can observe Mercury at an arm’s reach. You feel like you are at a command post on a spaceship and all the visitors are Klingons who maintain it.

Most of the displays here are interactive. For example, while you are learning about dinosaurs you can have a game battle with your newfound friend. Mortal Combat dinosaur style. This museum allows you to feel many different natural phenomena. You can even step inside an earthquake’s epicenter. After an earthquake, you can reach out and touch a tornado.
In here, the rocks, turbines and even Periodic Table of Elements do not come off as difficult or boring. Had I had access to a museum like that during my school days? Perhaps, I would not win a Nobel Prize, but I can totally see myself as a professor. I bet it will be easier with the cheapest essay writing service.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas

National Aviation and Space Museum, Washington D.C.

Believe me, the most interesting things that Washington has to offer are inside the museums. Forget about the lines of people going to see a rock concert. Just look in the morning at the line near the National Aviation and Space Museum. The museum has a free entrance but you will need to pay for the parking. This hanger features everything that went airborne and beyond over the past 100 years –– fighter planes, passenger planes, spy planes, and even space shuffles.

This has to be the best aviation museum in the world. They do not exhibit any replicas. All of these planes are real. Let us get into the details, shall we?

B-29 bomber. Enola Gay. This is the very plane that dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. A Concorde, a supersonic passenger aircraft that has a flight speed of 630 meters per second. Can you imagine getting from London to New York in three hours? But there are birds that can fly even faster than a Concorde.

Blackbird Spy Aircraft

Now every man is going to cry out loud. The museum has got the fastest plane that was ever produced serially. Wrap your mind around the fact that this bird can fly as fast as 3,700 km per hour. Behold an SR-71A Blackbird spy aircraft. Over 4,000 rockets were launched at this aircraft over the time it existed, but it moved so fast that none of them hit the target.

Allow me to present one more legend. A discovery Space Shuttle. The pictures of space we see from Hubble telescope are possible because of this aircraft because it delivered the satellite to the orbit.

A single day would still not be enough time to tell you about all the interesting things in this museum. You should visit and see it with your own eyes.

Madame Tussauds Museum, Washington D.C.

The exhibits in the museum usually feature stars of the sports and entertainment industry, but in Washington, the Presidents are the biggest celebrities. You might ask have not I seen Kennedy? I believe you have, but what about others? All 45 of the U. S. Presidents resides here. I bet you did not know a half of all the amazing stories about them.

George Washington built the White House but never lived in it. John Adams kept a pet alligator. Franklin Pierce was such a deadbeat that even his wife did not believe he got elected as President. James Madison was the smallest of the Presidents. He was 164 cm tall and weighed in at 45 kg. William McKinley is featured on a $500 bill. Perhaps this is why I have never seen him. Dwight Eisenhower played golf instead of governing, yet somehow, he got reelected for a second term in the office. Legendary Abraham Lincoln is the only President who used to be a licensed bartender. Harry Truman was responsible for the creation of FBI. I am afraid you will fall asleep if I keep on going about all the Presidents. So, let’s pretend you understand how awesome this museum is. Move on to the most magical museum in the U.S.

Art House Gallery, Washington D.C.

Should you visit the capital, make sure to visit the Art House Gallery. It features the most unique contemporary art exhibits from around the globe. 3D projections of flowers, interactive installations. That means that you can not only watch but also get involved with the displays. Hundreds of sensors are capturing your movements. Then they are processed by a computer and you can see the result on the screen. Anyone – a truck driver, a mechanic, or a store clerk can become an artist. As if you have a magical brush in your hands.

I bet you are going to spend at least an hour in there. Walking around there is like walking in a magical house. You take a step and make the lights turn on. One arm movement can bring a picture on a wall to life. We are lucky to live in such an incredible time. Modern technology is nothing short of magic.