European Nightlife Guide (Top Party Cities From East to West)

Europe is the #1 party continent. Period. In some cities, nightclubs are even religion. No matter the season, the urban streets of Europe are lit up with enchanting lights and magnetic music that add to the liveliness of the party scene. We have made an East-to-West sweep selection of a few cities, which not only boast cultural diversity, architectural splendor, and historical significance – but the best nightclubs in Europe.


Bucharest is the largest city of Romania and it has some of the best clubs and entertainment spots on offer. This city is perfect for single people as well as families going on vacations. Though the children may not be able to experience the perks nightlife like adults, they will grow up eventually.

Europe is the #1 party continent. Period. In some cities, nightclubs are even religion. No matter the season, the urban streets of Europe are lit up with enchanting lights

Our top pick: Bordello

Affordable drinks, contagious party atmosphere, and the lavish interior design are some of the major factors that make this club the best place to experience nightlife in Bucharest. The place opens from 10 PM to 2 AM during working days while on weekends, the clock is moved from 3 PM to 3 AM. From Monday to Thursday, the locale plays live music while DJs and headlining performers take over the rest of the week. Bordello is regularly filled with an exciting crowd that makes the place very loud and teeming with action. Remember to book in advance if you want a table because the demand is very high.


This capital of Hungary is one of the architecturally most well-preserved cities in Europe. The Queen of Danube is home to some fascinating tourist amenities, such as the oldest subway line in Europe and many thermal springs in the region dating back to Roman times. And when it comes to fun, Budapest has some of the liveliest and entertainment clubs to date.

Our top pick: Corvin club

The fact that this club is built on an old Soviet block ties it to the city’s historical culture. Interestingly enough, having a supermarket in the vicinity only adds to the convenience. With a rooftop bar and intertwining corridors, this club is the perfect answer to those exploring Budapest’s party essence as well as decibel range.

European Nightlife Guide (Top Party Cities From East to West)


Famous for its medieval charms, this Bohemian jewel is considered as one of the most impressive cities in Europe. Prague is the capital of beer and stag do’s. And with an ample choice of bustling party locals, it is safe to say Prague is one of the best places to get your groove on and tear the house down.

Our top pick: Roxy

This club opens every day until 5 in the morning. In addition to DJs, the club also has live music venues on specific days. They play a variety of genres so you’ll most likely find something that suits your tastes. They also bring different DJ’s which ensures that you get different levels of expertise and music. With quality beer, great music, and an amazing crowd, Roxy is definitely one of the best nightclubs to visit in Prague.


The city literally that never sleeps is home to some of the most exquisite pieces of art and culture. Madrid is nestled at almost 700 meters above sea level and also has the largest number of students in Europe. With a rich nightlife scene, the city’s clubs are known for their big sizes which are often large enough to host thousands of people at a time.

Our top pick: 7 Floors Club

Located near a train station in the middle of the city, this club is the easiest to get to and offers the most entertainment possibilities, too. Since it was a former theater, this club boasts huge balconies and a separate floor for VIP guests. Operating from Thursdays to Saturdays, the 7 Floors Club plays a variety of shows and is often filled to capacity. But if you really want to experience the perks of this place, try visiting every room available and not just the main studio.


Amsterdam needs no introduction. This is the place to be if you want to party like royalty, indulge in some legal vices, and take a stroll through its world-renown Red Light District.

Our top pick: Claire

Ever since the management took over from Studio 80, which occupied the same location, this nightclub has had a steady improvement in terms of service delivery and music. They play some of the best music and serve an ample choice of drinks and savory cocktails. With two rooms both fitted with a sound system, this club will be perfect for any evening escapade. It opens all night, every night and brings some of the best DJs in the business. This club also nurtures talents by giving upcoming DJs a chance, so prepare to have the time of your life!