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Expanding Your Home Without Extreme Discomfort and Inconveniences

How to Expand Your Home with Minimum Inconveniences

When a homeowner plans to expand their living space, the automatic solution that pops in their heads is additional rooms. Unfortunately, adding extra rooms can cost thousands of dollars; not to mention the discomfort and difficulties of living in a house that’s being fully renovated. With this in mind, you might want to consider more practical and affordable solutions for your planned expansion. Here are some time-tested solutions that you can use if you’re truly intent on adding those extra floor spaces to your home.

Use Your Walls

Just because you want more room doesn’t mean that you have to tear down walls. Instead, why don’t you attach a deck, patio, or porch to your exterior? These add-ons won’t require major repairs inside your home. You can still continue with your daily schedule without dealing with debris, dust, and construction equipment inside your home. Also, you won’t need any kind of planning or construction permissions to start work on them. There are even affordable DIY kits if you have the time and energy to do it yourself. Just remember to purchase waterproof deck coatings for these additions so that they are protected from extreme weather conditions.

Check Your Ceiling

Instead of going horizontal, why not go vertical? That doesn’t necessarily mean adding an extra floor to your home. If there’s ample space between your floor and your ceiling, adding a mezzanine is the perfect solution since it’s a more convenient choice compared to building an attic or basement. You won’t even need to worry about walls since most mezzanine designs don’t need any. Just be sure to contact reputable and trustworthy installers to ensure safety and quality from start to finish. Also, you’ll need their help to find the best mezzanine design and materials to fit your house’s structure. Make sure that you choose the right company for the job.

Maximize Your Yard

If you have an extensive backyard or front yard, maximize on this extra square footage. Add a shed or two so that one of them can be transformed into an extra guest room. Hire a contractor to add a small bathroom or dining area as well. Meanwhile, the other shed can be extra storage space for your garden supplies and tools. You can also install these sheds nearer your home or even directly attach them to your residence to create a sunroom or conservatory. It would be best to discuss your best options with your builders before you proceed. These kinds of improvements won’t need any sort of building regulation approvals before you begin work on them.

In most cases, expanding your present residential space is still a better and more convenient option than moving to another home. It may cost you a pretty penny, but if it adds comfort to you and your household, then you can consider it a worthy investment. Besides, with these improvements, you won’t need to move out during renovations. In the end, with the proper professionals on the job, the results will speak for themselves.




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