Family-Friendly Halloween Fun

Family-Friendly Halloween Fun

Halloween is approaching so quickly and I can hardly believe it. Halloween is actually one of our favorite holidays and we really get into it. I wanted to share some ways in which you can have a family friend Halloween night. We may be out of the Halloween age but we always try to do something for the nieces and nephews.

Family-Friendly Halloween Fun

#1. Funny Halloween Movie Night

You don’t have to watch scary movies on Halloween, especially if you have little ones running around. Sit back, relax, and have an amazing time just watching movies together. My daughter loved watching movies growing up and I know your kids will love it too. A time or two, we have been known to watch Halloween Movie 2 after the kids have gone to bed for the night.

#2. Attend Trunk or Treat

I don’t know if you have ever attended a Trunk or Treat event, but it is pretty awesome. Everyone dresses up their cars and themselves. The kids walk around and collect candy from the cars, instead of the houses. While it may seem kind of weird to someone who has never attended one, it is a much safer alternative to going trick or treating. The folks at Oriental Trading have you covered with everything you could possibly need to decorate your trunk and have lots of treats for you to pass out as well.

Non Candy Ideas for Halloween

#3. Have a Night of Baking

One thing we have always loved to do is bake on Halloween. Cookies and treats can be made right at home without leaving. I think it is always so much safer to have your kids right next to you, baking. Plus, it is so much fun for them to be creative.

#4. Invite People Over

If you don’t know what to do for Halloween and want to stay indoors, invite other families over. You all can coordinate snacks and decide who will bring what. The kids will love dressing up and play with their friends! You can also offer candy and sweet treats to the kiddos and adults. Oriental Trading has everything you need to pick a theme and go with it. I loved the Boo fest items because they have a Halloween feel but nothing to scary for the little guys.

Making Halloween family friendly is easy with these tips. I would love to see how you make Halloween more family friendly for your little family.



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Karen Propes

Great ideas, I love Oriental Trading! We have a Trunk or Treat at our church. I love buying things and putting in the little bags you can get at Oriental Trading. We also bake goodies to give out to the families. Thanks for all the ideas, I’m going to pass them on to friends and family.