Fantastic Caverns Springfield, MO–A must do vacation spot

Fantastic Caverns

To say our family trip to Fantastic Caverns was above all expectations was an understatement. First of all being from a very small town in Northern Missouri, my family and I aren’t used to the red carpet treatment. From the time I first contacted them about visiting, up to stepping back out the door on my way out, I can honestly say that they rolled out the red carpet for guests.

Traveling with a big group 6 adults and 8 children ranging from ages 2-14 when we were escorted to our tram, everyone had a very comfortable seat and the ride was off. The journey they took us on not only tells the wonderful story of how the Fantastic Caverns is laid out, but they also go into a detailed history of the cave. From the many famous people that have  performed there to war soldiers, and even the first explorers.

The majestic sights that a visitor beholds is near indescribable to give it any justice. The Fantastic Caverns drivers (tour guides) are very knowledgeable as well as entertaining along our journey. I would have to say that this was one of the highlights to our 5 day trip to the Springfield area. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest was glad that they went into the cave and went on the tour.

Fantastic Caverns

Would I recommend the tour as a frugal blog owner? Absolutely!! I was very impressed with the grandeur of the Fantastic Caverns as well as the history of it as well. Fantastic Caverns was discovered in 1862 by a local farmer John Knox. In 1867 he opened up the cave for explorers by placing an ad in the local paper. The people that responded were a group of 12 women and their names are still on the cave wall. This gave me goosebumps on the day of the tour and still does to this day.

There were so many great points to this Fantastic “tourism” spot that I am already planning a second trip. Fantastic Caverns is a must do if you are in the Springfield, Missouri area on vacation. They are the only drive through cave in North America and a very memorable experience for everyone who visits.