February Sale Items

February Sale Items


I’ve been frugal for as long as I can remember but each month that means we have special items that we stock up on. I would rather pay the lowest price I can for items as opposed to full price. But it does take a little planning, but don’t worry you end up saving more and more as time goes by. Here are the on sale items for February!


February Sales items

National Canned Food Month so lots of items for your pantry should be on sale. Stock up and be sure to take an inventory of the items in your pantry already. I try to keep 12 of each “canned” food on hand at all times. Some of those items include: Canned fruits, vegetables, soup, pie fillings, tuna, chicken, and salmon which will all be on sale in the next four weeks.

Super Bowl Sunday–Always means a get together for us so anything for a party should be on sale. Pop, chips/dips, sandwich items, crackers, appetizer foods, wings, meat and cheese/fruit and vegetable trays. The Monday after the big game I head to our local stores to stock up on on Football related items to help maximize my savings from year to year. I purchase enough paper supplies for 40 people which is the average size our Big Game celebrations but modify that according to how many guests you have each year.

February Sale Items

February is also National Hot Breakfast Month: Which in turn means lots of goodies will be on sale like oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, frozen breakfast foods, Mixes for pancakes/waffles, and of course sausages/bacon. We love sausage and bacon at our house, so I am definitely stocking up!

Valentine’s Day: I stock up for the next year’s Valentine’s Day presents when they are 50%-90% off. Why pay full price if you don’t have too!! Candy, Perfume, Cards, stuffed animals, gift sets, flower arrangements, candles, wines are usually on sale this month. Stock up now for next year.

Produce: Keep your eye out for produce that is “in” season.



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