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Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s When to Seek Help with Anxiety

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s When to Seek Help with Anxiety

40 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of anxiety. But even though so many people experience anxiety, many aren’t even aware that they need help with anxiety.

But we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to ask for help. In fact, in many cases, asking for help is a necessity when trying to combat anxiety.

Keep reading to learn about some common signs that it’s time to seek help to overcome your anxiety.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here's When to Seek Help with Anxiety

It’s Affecting Your Everyday Responsibilities

Do you find that your performance at work, at home, or with your family has suffered since you’ve developed anxiety? Maybe you feel like you can’t do the things you used to do because of your anxiety.

This is an example of how crippling anxiety can be in everyday life. And if this sounds familiar to you, then it’s probably time to seek help. Otherwise, it’ll only become more and more difficult to keep up at work and at home, and the anxiety will continue to build.

It’s Keeping You From Going New Places

Did you always love to love traveling and trying new things? Does the thought of that now cause you to break out in anxiety sweats?

If you no longer want to go anywhere unfamiliar due to the overwhelming anxiety you feel in new places, then it’s time to seek help. Your anxiety shouldn’t keep you from living a fun and fulfilling life any longer.

It’s Hurting Your Relationships

Having anxiety while being in a relationship is tough. You might misconstrue things your partner says and take them the wrong way. Your thoughts might race when they’re late coming home from work.

Anxiety can not only cause you pain, but it can also harm your relationships. If you feel like your relationships are suffering, you can seek help on your own or even consider family/couple’s counseling.

You Have Physical Symptoms

Anxiety doesn’t just affect the mind. When it gets bad, anxiety can cause physical symptoms, too. You might have trouble sleeping at night, or you might completely lose your appetite. 

If these symptoms become severe enough, you may even need to check into an inpatient psychiatric treatment center or a hospital.

So if you notice that your physical wellbeing is negatively affected by your anxiety, that’s a clear-cut sign it’s time to seek some help.

It’s Getting Worse

Anxiety can start out as nothing more than persistent stress with everyday life. And in those cases, you may not feel like it’s a necessity to seek help right away.

But if your anxiety is only getting worse and is causing you more and more problems, then you can’t put it off any longer. If you continue to avoid seeking help, your anxiety will only escalate and you may even start to experience debilitating panic attacks. 

Don’t Keep Putting It Off — It’s Time to Get Help with Anxiety

The bottom line is this: if you are experiencing anxiety and want to overcome it, then it’s time to get help with anxiety. That’s the only way you can take back control of your life and learn the necessary skills to combat anxiety moving forward.

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