The Financial Help You Can Receive As A Parent

The Financial Help You Can Receive As A Parent

Financial troubles sometimes leave families searching for the assistance that they need. Whether you and your family struggle with money due to being laid off from a job, loss of a loved-one who helps with finances, illness, college tuition fees or other issues, it can hit hard and affect the entire family. Here are some ideas on how you can ease your financial burden when these problems or needs occur.

Financial troubles

Sometimes you are working hard, but then something unexpected happens and it severely reduces your income. Even if you have been able to put some money into a savings account, it might not be enough to cover a big financial cut, like a lost income in your household. What can hit the hardest is when a parent becomes severely injured and requires a long recovery or when a family member is diagnosed with a severe health issue that necessitates a lengthy treatment and recovery. In both situations, the family might have one less income, in addition to many expensive medical bills to pay.

How to get help

Whether you are a single parent or multi-income household, do not hesitate to get financial assistance. Getting help quickly can make the all the difference in having money for everyday, essential household items that sustain your lives. Find organizations that can provide financial aid to you.

Learn how the government helps

If you are struggling financially, you might look into ways that the government can assist you during this time of need. The U.S. government offers assistance through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and more.

Check with the social services agency in the state where you live for programs that they offer. Many states offer childcare for families with children. You might find that they offer assistance in finding a job or with temporary cash assistance. Some states offer financial help in the form of low-income assistance programs that are set up to help you pay your bills. If you live in a state where this service is offered, you may qualify for help paying rent, utilities, health expenses and other essential needs.

Eligibility requirements for these services and benefits typically vary by state, but all states should have a website detailing this information and a phone number to call with questions.

Look into local food benefits, assistance paying rent, and help paying transportation costs. If you are disabled, your state may also provide medical health coverage for a small premium. Even if you are not eligible for any local or state programs, look into local charities that can assist you. Local church charities may have programs, especially around Christmas time. There are charities that provide clothing, coats, toys and more for needy children at Christmas or year-round.

Obstacles for single parents

As a single parent, your family relies on you for their every need, which is a time commitment and mental commitment. When a single parent with only one income has additional financial needs pop up suddenly, the situation often requires outside help.

Help for single parents

Though help from the government is one option in this instance, you can find help from charities, for example, an organization started by Charles Phillips offers financial assistance for single parents. You may be able to receive help in the form of grants to pay for medical expenses, college expenses, childcare and other financial needs. Whether you or your child are undergoing cancer treatment or have other medical expenses, they may be able to help. If you were laid off from your job, want to go to college, or have another financial crisis as a single parent, it is worth taking the time to contact them for more information.

Assistance with college

As a member of a low-income household, or a single parent who is looking into college, check which colleges can help you with your specific needs. Consider which colleges have programs offering assistance with things including childcare, family housing, non-traditional student groups and academic support. Many colleges offer scholarships, grants and debt-reduction services for low-income and single parents. Don’t forget to check in at your college’s financial aid office as soon as possible to file for federal student aid. Look for less traditional courses, such as online classes, since they allow you to spend more time at home. This will allow you to save money on childcare and transportation expenses that arise when driving to class regularly.

If you and your family are experiencing financial hardships, then you are probably struggling to find assistance quickly to get the help you need. Whether you have lost your job, have medical expenses piling up, want to go back to college or have other financial needs, you might be able to find a service or organization that can help ease the burden.



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So good to know there is help for people who need it. Great advice for those who may not have known.

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this is so great and so important. thanks for sharing.