Five Must-Haves for a Luxury Kitchen

The rich style, first-class machines, ease, and polishes along with practicality, are top preferences when planning a luxury kitchen. Regardless of the kitchen’s theme, there is an endless list of ideas, using which, one can design a luxury kitchen. Any kitchen must have basic tools such as custom tea towels like these ones and measuring spoons. However, it is important to progress in terms of appliances to title your kitchen a luxury place. Following is the list of must-haves on your list for a luxury kitchen.

Drawer Dishwashers

This appliance has major points like usability. In addition to using multiple drawers, you can also take benefit from these dishwasher drawers serving as storage for cleaned dishes. This function double the value of this item; thus, you would not feel as if you are compromising significant kitchen storage space. A dishwasher drawer has a lesser capacity to hold dishes in comparison with a full-sized dishwasher; nonetheless, you can use them together at the same time, as well as, independently. 

Five Must-Haves for a Luxury Kitchen

Beverage Station

We cannot emphasize enough on the convenience of a beverage station to cater to adults and children. The station can accommodate as many drinks as you wish. It also depends on the area you have dedicated to this feature. Some of the refreshments you may want to include are coffee & tea bar, soda & juices, power drinks, and wine & other alcoholic drinks. 

You may require the following machines for this station depending on the beverages you include: icemaker, milk & creamers, blender, storage cabinets, wine refrigerator, drawers for utensils, bar tools, and sink. 


The lighting of a luxury kitchen needs much more than the usual recessed pendants and overhead lights. The kind of lighting required in a luxury kitchen tends to all lighting needs. These consist of lighting for: under cupboards, uplighting for the ceiling, inside cabinets, task lighting, and rope lighting underneath the kickboard. 

Ideal lighting for a kitchen is the source of LEDs that also keeps the temperature cool. Fixing the lights on dimmer switches improves functionality and keeps the ambiance in control. For a truly super extravagant kitchen overhead lighting option, go for a crystal chandelier with mini-chandelier pendants. 

Walk-in Pantry

If you actually want to pass the final stage of a real luxe kitchen, then you should have a huge walk-in pantry. But, you cannot stop here. A luxury pantry consists of fixed cabinets and drawers for putting away luxury kitchen items, such as extra china, crystal, and silverware, kitchen towels and other backup tools. 

The pantry also needs to contain an extra icebox, an additional microwave, a wine refrigerator, and stacks of extra racking for home canned products and special gourmet treats. Make sure this pantry has a blend of open shelves and glass door racks. Give simple stockpiling and access to unimportant appliances that you do not use every day. 

Warming Drawers

You may not have heard of it before. A warming drawer comes in handy when you need to put dinner on hold. If you are having a largescale party, you can keep your food warm by setting the thermostat. 

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