Five Ways To Welcome Your New Pet Into Your Home

One of the best reasons out there to get yourself a new pet is that they help you to live longer. Owning a brand new puppy can make a big difference to your health, and even visiting a friend with animals can help to lower your stress levels. 

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The only thing is that a pet is a huge commitment. Sure, it’s the one you want to take on, but if you really want your life to have more balance and a lot more help on your health, it’s time to think about getting yourself a brand new pet. There are several ways that you can welcome your new pup into your home, and it’s not just the dog art you can commission to put on the walls in preparation for your new doggy household. Think about how you can make your home a welcoming place for your dog to be, and follow the five tips below to make it an easy transition!

  • Prepare All The Family. From babies to grandparents, if you’re planning to bring a new pet home, you need to prepare the masses. It’s important that everyone in your house is okay with a new pet coming in and that everyone is on board (age appropriately) to be involved in training and settling. All the family can get involved in walking, cleaning and playing with the new dog, so spend a few weeks getting the whole family prepared.
  • Prepare The House. You need to get supplies in if you’re planning to have a new dog around the house. Think about leashes, ID tags, beds, bowls and more if you want to ensure that your pet has everything. You should also consider getting rid of any hazardous materials and chemicals within reach of your pet, and make sure they can’t escape through the garden!
  • Give Your Dog Some Space. When you get your new pet home let them have some time to sniff around and get to know the new house. Bring them to the place you want them to go to the toilet and make sure that they know it’s what it’s for. Doggy treats on standby!
  • Go Slowly. Introducing your new pet to the new environment can take some time, especially if your pet is a puppy. Babies need more time to settle in, so let the puppy lead the way and have a good sniff at everything. Avoid too much kissing and hugging your new pet; they’ll feel overwhelmed and it can scare some dogs to have too much concentrated attention.
  • Be Patient. You’re bringing in a new pet, not a new piece of furniture. So, the best thing that you can do is to allocate the first few days to your pets’ behaviour and monitor how they behave and act. Create a walking routine and let them know that their food and toilet areas are close by. Let them trust you slowly and you’ll find it far easier to settle them in.

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