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Foam Craft Projects Your Children Can Have Fun With

If your children complain about having nothing to do, then you should spend some quality time with them and create something memorable. For younger children, this is a great way to let their creativity shine through. One of the current favorites in craft circles is foam, whether it is the basic form or the more durable foam rubber. With minimal expense, you and your young ones can have a fun afternoon of making things. Here are a few projects that you and your children can work on.

Get the Right Materials First

Before anything, though, you will need to get all the materials that you need. First, there is the foam. It is best to work with craft foam, and that should be easy enough to find. Get multiple sheets in multiple colors so that you can have variety in your creations. You will also want some paint to color some of the foam in particular colors if you want to.

Next, you’ll want a good set of sharp scissors. They can be dangerous if you let your kids handle them, so you have to be careful when you work with your kids. Watch over what they are doing to avoid accidents. Finally, you will want some foam adhesive. This makes your creations more permanent and allows you to be flexible when you are making your creations.

Foam Sandwiches

Foam Craft Projects Your Children Can Have Fun With

This is one of the simpler ones that you can make without any trouble. All you need to do is cut the foam in the right shapes. Cut the white foam for the bread and color the edges brown for the crust. Then look to the other sheets for ingredients. Red foam circles can be tomatoes, while a frilly-edge green piece can be some lettuce. Yellow and brown foam can be pieces of cheese and meat. Now Just pile them up and apply some adhesive and you’ll have an appetizing but inedible piece of art.

Foam Trees

Another simple project for the kids. This time, you will be making a tree made of foam. It is actually pretty simple. Cut out a brown trunk and start from there. Let your children get creative with the leaves and the added decorations. You might want to add flowers or paint in something new. The result is then glued together and placed on a piece of paper to display.

Foam Stamps

If you want something that really will catch your child’s attention, you might aim to make foam stamps. Thanks to the foam’s ability to soak up the ink, it makes for the perfect stamp material. Just cut up the shapes that your child likes and glue them to wooden blocks. Have a set of inks and paints ready, then apply the stamps to the paper.

Craft projects are a great way to spark creativity in your children. With the wide variety of materials out there, it is easy to conceive of other projects than the ones above. Put your children’s minds to good use and talk with them about what they want to make so you can come up with even better art projects for your child to have fun with.

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