Forget About Your Bucket List – Things You Shouldn’t Do in the Bahamas for the Best Experience

There is no specific time to visit the paradise, the Bahamas, sprawled near the Caribbean Sea because it is ready to embrace tourists all year-round. Its pristine beaches, crystal clear water, quintessential landscape, and radiating sunshine are enticing enough to push you to jump on your feet and get ready to drench in the vibe of this tourist heaven.

Some things are  typical for the Bahamas trip. Basking on the sandy beaches, taking a dip in the turquoise water and tickling your taste buds with the traditional Bahamian cuisine are always in your list of things you ‘Should Do’. But you should also make a list of things you ‘Shouldn’t Do’, especially, if you are a first-time traveler. No matter how excited you are to hit on the trip, don’t forget that trip to another land always call for unexpected and new encounters. So, it is always better to play safe to avoid ruining your trip.

So, before you get ready to make your bucket list to get the best out of your dream trip, here is what to add in your not-to-do list:

Not Having Enough Cash:

It is always better to get enough cash before going on a trip no matter where you are going. Same goes with your Bahamas trip! You don’t need money only to pay for your accommodation, eating and traveling. What if you end up in a difficult situation where you need money, but you only have the cash to pay for your two days food?  The idea of being stranded on an unknown land without cash when you direly need it sounds traumatizing. So, don’t plan out your trip until you have enough money to handle any situation without turning into a wrecked beggar, even if you have to wait for a couple of months.

Going to Deserted Places:

The crime rate in the Bahamas has increased in recent years with the increase in the number of tourists. Significantly, the Grand Bahamas and New Providence experience the most crimes than other twelve inhabited islands of the Bahamas. From home invasions and sexual harassment to robberies and pick-pocketing, many violent crimes take place here. They can occur in the day time as well, but you can be more susceptible to such crimes at night. The best option is to stay near crowded places, especially if you are traveling alone, to avoid any bad experiences.

Forget About Your Bucket List – Things You Shouldn’t Do in the Bahamas for the Best Experience

Don’t Choose to Stay in a Hotel:

Now, this point might be a bit surprising for you, significantly, when you have read many articles telling of Bahamas hotels and resorts with the plush amenities they offer. But no matter how enticing these deals sound, don’t go for them. Hotels and resorts do offer many amenities, but they can’t beat the pleasure of a personalized Bahamian vacation. Renting your own private villa at the beachfront or far from the city hustle all engrossed by palm trees is the best way to drench in the tranquility of the Bahamas. Look for Bahamas villas for rent that come with enough rooms for your party, a pool, and tranquil lounge areas like hammocks and daybeds to enjoy your stay just like a local.

Not Leaving the Beach:

Sure, the beach is the staple of the Bahamas, but it also doesn’t mean that you should spend all your vacation around the beach while sipping your Pina colada and diving into the water. There is so much more in the Bahamas than beaches, water, and water activities. You will be missing out on a big-time recreational opportunity of experiencing historic sites, museums, and other tourist attractions if you will take the beach too seriously. Go out, find the off-beaten paths, and try out new things, find hidden corner restaurants and streets that exude the best Bahamian vibes.

This time ditch your things-to-do list and go for the things-not-to-do list. It will surely take you to a more entertaining and safe experience. Try it!