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Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski National Monument

 Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski National Monument is between Savannah, Georgia and Tybee Island so it was a perfect stop after our day at the beach! Fort Pulaski was very rich in history, we arrived to the National Monument parking lot. The first thing that I saw or noticed was the moat around the Fort which is very unique because none of the forts we have previously went to in the past have had water around them. As you walk up to the fort you notice a lot of the wholes or impressions where it had been attacked in the past.

Fort Pulaski

Ranger Matt

As you walked across the drawbridge into the fort you get the detailed craftsmanship that the people that built this fort put great detail into their work. When I asked one of the workers, how much of the brick work had been redone, I was surprised at the answer. I found out that all of the brick work in Fort Pulaski was original, and it was built in 1829-1847. One of the most impressive fun facts they told us was that it took over 25 million bricks to construct the fort. The bricks are Savannah Gray and handmade on the Hermitage Plantation on the Savannah River. 

Fort Pulaski

It was said if a slave made it to Fort Pulaski, they had made it to freedom.

As you walked through the gate you really got a since of history from all of the weathered bolts to the cobblestone worn pathways. I was impressed with the circle shape of Fort Pulaski, and the rooms were decorated in time period decorations. You really felt like you were there right along with the soldiers minus all of the fighting of course. The battle of Fort Pulaski was fought April 10-12 in 1862 and when the fort closed so did Savannah as a port. The staff were all very knowledgeable and more than happy to share their information with us. 


But one of the coolest things we got to see while we were there was the the musket demonstration which was performed by a period correct looking “soldier”. He gave a very informative demonstration of the history and how to correctly work the musket that was used when Fort Pulaski was still in service. The second story of the fort gave a very majestic view of the landscape which was a very panoramic view of the entire area around the fort. 


So if you are in the Savannah, Georgia area be sure to stop by Fort Pulaski National Monument! They are open everyday from 9 am-5 pm with the exception of major holidays! 




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