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Free Things to Do in Savannah Georgia

Free Things to Do in Savannah Georgia

 Free things to do in Savannah Georgia

Free Things to Do in Savannah Georgia! Taking a family vacation often times ends up costing a little more than you would like for it to, but never fear because there are lots of free things for you to do! I absolutely loved Savannah, Georgia when we were there and was sad when it was time to leave, but I told Mr. SMSL that I would be traveling back one day.

Here are some of my favorite things to do while there and the best part is that they are free!!

Free Things to Do in Savannah Georgia

1. River Street was absolutely amazing and of course rich in history as the rest of the city. The area is complete with old cobblestone streets that were brought over from England on ships that were returning to America empty. Then they were unloaded often times by the slaves and made into buildings and streets. This area is perfect for afternoon strolls and if you use your imagination you can just imagine unruly sailors and teens having a good time! This area is now lined with tourist shops of all kinds as well as pubs and restaurants.

The day we were there several of the restaurants were passing out free samples to get people to come in and dine. It is a very family friendly place during the day but of a night it turns into more of an adult atmosphere! I suggest walking there because the parking is very limited and the view is absolutely amazing. Be sure to check out The Waving Girl Statue Florence Martus and ask the locals about her story, she waved at over 50,000 ships throughout her lifetime.

Waving Girl Savannah Georgia

Along Riverstreet

2. Fortysth Park is a Parisian inspired park that offers it’s visitors 30 acres of activities to enjoy. This is one of the social hubs located in Savannah, Georgia for tourists as well as locals. This gorgeous park offers a Farmers Market on Saturdays, and a plethora of other activities the day we were there there was lots of people working out.

Free things to do in Savannah Georgia

3. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is breathtaking from the inside out found in the Historic District of Savannah it is a must do! They even have a virtual tour on their website that so you can see the beauty in the comfort of your own home. But I promise it is worth the trip to go inside because it literally will take your breath away the second you walk in! From the stained glass to the intricate gold-leaf designs and an Italian made marble alter it is a gorgeous site to see.

Free things to do in Savannah Georgia

4. City Market is the perfect spot to spend the afternoon and evening. There is a plethora of street vendors, cafes, stores, galleries and of course quirky shops. Since the 1700’s this has been the commercial and social center of Savannah. There were even lots of pubs to enjoy a cold drink if you so choose, and they have cups you can take out of the pub to enjoy the sights if you so choose. We enjoyed several hours just browsing the stores, and taking in the sites!

Free Things to Do in Savannah Georgia

5. Free Transportation is offered by The Dot via Express Shuttle, River Street Street Car and of course the Savannah Belles Ferry. You are able to park your card, feed the meter (bring lots of change) and enjoy the sites of the city! The Shuttle 12 convenient stops throughout Savannnah, the River Street Street Car has two stops and the Savannah Belles Ferry traverses the Savannah River.

6. Bonaventure Cemetery is free if you want to walk the cemetery on your own. But if you would like a tour those are provided for a fee but this Victorian Era Cemetery was one of my favorites to see. As  weird as it sounds this was a beautiful site to see but I would highly suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes and being prepared with bug spray!

7. The Savannah National Wildlife Refuge was one on our list to go to, but we simply ran out of time. It is on our must do list for our next visit with walking trails, bird watching activities, wildlife drive and much more. There are even a few activities that you can pay for while you are there, but remember to bring the bug spray!

 Free things to do in Savannah Georgia

8. Be sure you check out Visit Savannah while planning your trip, they offer so many more details that will make your trip planning a breeze! Stop into the Savannah Chamber of Commerce once you get to town to pick up a city map and brochures that will be sure to keep you busy during your trip.

My family and I enjoyed our trip to Savannah, Georgia and are making plans for a return trip. There is so much to see and do in this history rich town that I could easily stay a week in this amazing town. Be sure to pin the free things to do in Savannah Georgia today so you can plan your own memorable trip!


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LeAnn Harbert

I’m planning a trip there before long. These tips will come in handy.

margaret peg m.

Super idea to post what’s FREE in a favorite city. Every family has it’s own budget they’d like to stick to. Heading to Savannah, GA for the first time in March, for my anniversary!

Tina Holmes

Thanks for your wonderful article. We are visiting Savannah next month! I am sure your tips will prove most helpful. Happy travels!

Mother of 3

This looks wonderful! Savannah is on my list of cities to get to sometime soon.

Rachel Brighton

Hope to visit this place soon.


Loved Savannah, hope to plan a return trip this spring 2016.

Dale Lyons

Savannah, Tybee Island and Fort Pulaski are all family favorites. My son attended SCAD for undergrad and grad school so we have had the opportunity to visit many times over the past 5 yrs. Every visit we find new experiences however some of our favorites include City Market, River Street, taking a walking ghost tour, Forsyth Park. We stay at Tybee Island most trips – the light house and Fort Pulaski are rich in history and we relay enjoyed both!! Green Truck is our favorite hamburger/ BLT restaurant in Savannah!! So many fabulous places to eat in Savannah, that is… Read more »