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Free Things to do in San Francisco

Free Things to do in San Francisco

Free Things to do in San Francisco

Are you heading to San Francisco, California soon? I just got back from an amazing trip and I was surprised at how many free things there were to do while I visited for 6 days! Here are several free things to do in San Francisco and everywhere you turn there is something else you want to see!

Lombard Street

Lombard Street

Walking up and down Lombard Street is a sure fire way to spend some time and see a great view at the same time. Being the curviest street in the United States it is fun to walk down. I only wish I had taken the time to ride down it in a vehicle, but maybe next time!


Fisherman’s Wharf


Finding free things to do in San Francisco is all about walking around and exploring especially around Fisherman’s Wharf. For example, you can watch sourdough being made and shaped into fun loaves at Boudin. Or check out the amazing view of Alcatraz or even watch the hundred of street performers. Also, always ask for recommendations from the locals, they’ll always know the hidden gems that are free in San Francisco.

The Painted Ladie

Head to the local parks. Just like any other city, San Francisco has amazing parks totally worth spending the day at. If you are looking to NOT spend money, spend time at the parks. It’s always neat visiting a park in another part of the country. You get to see different plants and wildlife that you can’t get your hands on in your part of the country. There is a park just below The Golden Gate bridge and it has a gorgeous view! But if you want to see the Painted ladies there is a perfect park just across the street from them, so it’s a win, win!

San Francisco Botanical Garden is a must see. If you love flowers and all things native, then you will love what the botanical garden has to offer. We love taking pictures of the different flowers and plants at botanical gardens. We then go home and compare it to our local botanical garden.


Check out city hall. Rumor has it the San Francisco’s city hall actually has an art gallery in the basement. It’s worth checking out! Some people don’t think kids can appreciate art, but they can! If the kids are traveling with you, ask them what they think about the art they see. Make art relate-able and not just something on a wall. They’ll love it.

Wells Fargo History Museum. If you love history and want something free to do in San Francisco, check out the Wells Fargo History Museum. The history of San Francisco is very rich, so you and your kids will love heading to the Wells Fargo History Museum to check it out.

If you still need ideas be sure to check out my Top 10 Things to do in San Francisco to help you plan the perfect trip!


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Omg so much to do!!! I would of never thought San Fran had that many fun free options!

Nicole Escat

I wish I could visit that place someday. My imagination wonders how San Francisco really looks like based on your descriptions. Such an awesome sight I’m sure!


I’d love to visit San Francisco. And yep, I’d definitely want to see the parks.

Dhemz Apdian - Dias

These are cool list indeed…you can also enjoy the China town and pier 39.

Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself)

totally bookmarking for the next time I’m in San Fran – thanks

Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

My husband and I were just there earlier this year, and we did a lot of these. I did not know about the Wells Fargo museum. That sounds interesting.

Lexie Lane

I really missed San Francisco, I can follow your advice if I’m in San Francisco again.


I’ve never been to San Francisco, but I would love to visit it one day.

Liz Mays

I’m totally heading for the botanical garden. I love going to those everywhere I can!

Jaclyn Anne

Thank you for these ideas! I love FREE πŸ™‚

Shannon Peterson

Oooh, I might actually be going there in December and this would definitely fit the budget πŸ˜‰


Such a great list. Next year we’re planning to go in San Francisco . I would love to check the city hall


Oh, thanks for this tips, I will be sure to include in my first trip to the Bay!


i loved going to fisherman’s ward, the golden gate bridge, lombard street and going to see the painted ladies. it is such a fun city to visit

Kristi @Homestead Wishing

I would love to visit there. It is on my list of places to see!

Elizabeth O.

San Francisco is such a beautiful city. And there’s so much sights to see and enjoy! Thanks for the list of free things. It’s very much appreciated.

Ana De- Jesus

I love the look of the painted ladies. My friend want to San Francisco on a study abroad program and she absolutely loved it she thought it was great x


beautiful place so very charming

Lori Bosworth

Wow, sounds like there are a lot of free activities to do in San Francisco. I would definitely visit Fisherman’s Wharf.

Kari Ann

I love to do anything that’s free :-). I have never been to San Francisco but if I go ill be taking this list.


I am a traveller, so I appreciate the tips that help with the budget! I had plans to go to San Fran and had to cancel because my flight got canceled ): Will keep these in mind for whenever I can finally return!

tara pittman

I saw San Francisco many years ago. I did a bus tour and saw the bridge.

Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

I will keep this in mind if I ever make it out that way πŸ™‚ Thanks for the ideas.