Freebies for Fighters

Freebies for Fighters

Cancer freebies

Our family has had it’s share of cancer patients as well as losses due to cancer. I could go on and on and list them all but it doesn’t really matter at this point because cancer sucks no matter whose family it affects. Back in 2012 my  sister-in-law Amanda S.’ mom Carmel was diagnosed with  Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer and we are trying to brighten her day by getting her a few things. She is currently under going chemotherapy which has caused her to loose her hair so we are looking for caps, scarves, things that are cute to cover her head. Along the way we found some freebies that we could request for her, but decided that this page needed to be a resource for other cancer patients as well.

I know that there are millions of Americans suffering from this disease and every little bit helps them in their time of need. If you can help, have a contact I don’t have listed or please send me an email at [email protected].

Hats and Scarves

Breasts Friends Hat Project offers free hats to women that are in treatment for cancer. Or  [email protected]

Caps Against Cancer offers free ball caps for patients who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments.

Good Wishes, Strength, Style and Dignity provide a wrap for your head.

No More Knots has all kinds of hats for sale as well.


Free Wigs for Kids for children under the age of 18.

Crickett’s Answer For Cancer. Wigs and other head fittings as well as salon services for wigs. Free to any woman with breast cancer. [email protected]t; 717-843-7903;


Free tote bag with “goodies” inside from the Lydia Project

Free In-home-delivered meals for income-eligible adults and children. Available in most areas of the country. Some programs also offer other home-related assistance, such as grocery shopping; 703-548-5558;

American Cancer Society has programs available to help cancer patients call 800-ACS-2345 to locate a chapter near you.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Click the link to find the one closest to you.

Journal/Web blog for your cancer journey found here.

Freebies for fighters

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Kimberly Frazee

These people are so wonderful having such things for people fighting this battle. It means a lot for them to have alittle relief and a smile going thru such a hard time.

Tiffane Sloan

I love this post.. So so so many people out there fighting different diseases 🙁 Hope your sister in law is cured soon.

Patricia Delgado

I do not have any type of Cancer, but I noticed that The Lydia project had a page called “needs page” and I am going to send them a donation. I think this is a wonderful and very different addition to your blog, and I have never seen anything like this anywhere else.

Debbie Welchert

What a lot of great groups above that help people who really need their help. I had a brother-in-law die because of cancer. It’s such a terrible disease.

Candace Little

Thank you for the freebies for fighters post. I never knew this was out and will pass it on.

Linda Bradshaw

Thank you for this list. I have family members with cancer and these can help.

Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

P.S. I just passed this post along / shared with others via Facebook, Google+, Stumble and Tweeted too. Good Luck!

Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for compiling and sharing this VERY helpful and useful list that I hope will just continue to grow and grow as more and more people become aware of this vital network of people and organization all contributing in their own ways to aid and bring comfort to those who suffer with this dread disease. I am a three time cancer survivor and my Honey/Hubby is still recovering from prostate cancer. We have lost far too many friends and loved one to the cruelty that is cancer. I know many people who feel alone… Read more »

Wanda Clark

This is a wonderful collection of information thanks

Lucy Lopez

It is nice to see that there are resources that can help people that are going through cancer. Thanks for sharing it.

This is a great list of resources. Thank you for sharing this

This is also another great list you have shared.


What an amazing list of resources, I just lost both my parents to cancer, I’m glad to see you and others like you are helping others get the support they need through the terrible times. Thank you!

Susan Johnson

Thank you so much for these resources. I am currently watching my 22 month old nephew battle stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Although most of these sites aren’t directly beneficial for a toddler, I am happy to see that you have them here for people to find and utilize. I hope to see more and more people helping to end cancer!

Ingermaria Berryman

I’m so glad there are resources like this, so people won’t feel alone in their fight. Bravo to the people involved.

april b

Glad to see there are so many opportunities for people with cancer.