Frozen Halloween Costume Ideas


Disney’s Frozen has to be one of the classics of this time era that will withstand the test of time. With that being said all of the kids want to be Elsa, Anna or even Olaf. But of course Disney has you covered on all things Frozen so picking one up this Halloween won’t be a problem. Trick-Or-Treating is always a blast and the memories you make as a family are priceless.

Here are some great tips to make your own costumes!


Elsa wears a blue gown and is the perfect princess material. Head to your local thrift store or consignment store to pick up a discarded prom or homecoming dress for your little princess to wear for the night. If they gown is to big have a seamstress cut it down to size for you, or sweet talk someone like my mom to do it for you.

Pick up a tiara for your princess to wear and buy some sort of tulle at a craft store that has snowflakes on the material to lay over the dress. Wear tights and shoes that sparkle for a nice touch to the outfit and pick up a wig online! But if you prefer here is a pre-made Elsa costume to buy!


Anna,  the sister of Elsa and Queen of Arendelle, wore a dark blue outfit that fit her roll perfectly. Many versions of Anna’s Halloween costume feature a lovely cape which can be removed. But around here Halloween nights are usually pretty chilly so the cape might work better than a bulky coat or layers underneath your child’s costume.


Olaf is one of my favorites from Frozen and he is a hilarious snowman that shows the true meaning of friendship. Making your own Olaf costume would be a piece of cake if you got a white jumpsuit, hoodie or even sweatpants. Then you can wear white shoes or booties so you are white, paint on some buttons and you have it made!

But no matter which route you go Frozen Costumes will be a hit with any child this Halloween. My last tip for you is to use these super cute reusable shopping bags instead of the traditional pumpkins to make your Frozen outfits complete. Remember Frozen 2 is coming to the big screen, so prepare now!