Fun Activities for Saint Patrick’s Day

Fun Activities for Saint Patrick’s Day

Fun Activities for Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and a perfect opportunity to spend some much needed time with your kids. St Patrick’s Day offers an array of fun things for kids to do. These fun activities are sure to be a blast in your home:

  • Get Cooking: Patrick’s Day is all about the green, and when you have green food coloring, there will be no lack of green in your food this year. Make green eggs and ham for breakfast, enjoy green pizza made with arugula, pesto, and broccoli, and have a green feast for dinner. You can even make some green pudding for a snack. You could even make a cake with green frosting and create a rainbow of skittles on top.
  • Have a Paddy’s Day Hunt: Give your kids a list of St. Patrick’s Day items such as a lucky clover, a shiny penny, a rainbow, or a pot of gold. Hide these items around your house and go on a hunt with the luck of the Irish.
  • Make a Shirt: Because you are sure to get pinched if you’re not wearing green, make shirts with your kids from all things green. Get out the fabric paint and a plain white T-shirt. Make four-leaf clovers or rainbows with green grass and a pot of gold.
  • Make a Craft: There are so many crafts you can do with just the simple things in your house. Here are a few:
    • Shamrock footprint: Grab some green paint and make a 4 leaf clover out of your child’s foot prints.
    • Rainbow Mural: Cut strips of colorful construction paper and create a wall mural with a rainbow and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can use black paper to make a pot and tape pennies to it for a 3-D effect.
    • Lucky Charm Words: Pull out your lucky box of Lucky Charms and paste the marshmallows in the form of letters to spell some St. Patrick’s Day words.
    • Make a rainbow: Use colored pom poms to make a 3-D rainbow craft on construction paper. Draw a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    • Make a Shamrock: Draw a shamrock on a piece of white paper and fill it in with small pieces of green tissue paper.
    • Make a Shamrock Wreath: Check out this post for all of the directions! 
  • Play Capture the Leprechaun: If you want your kids to get out and run around, a great game of capture the leprechaun is sure to wear them out. Choose one to be a shamrock and everyone else is a leprechaun (like tag). Shamrock must capture the leprechauns to win.
  • Watch a Movie: Patrick’s Day is full of magic, fairies, rainbows and pots of gold. Give your kids an indoor theatre fit with all the magic of the movies. Movies like A Very Unlucky Leprechaun, The Secret of Kells, and Finnian’s Rainbow would all make a great family movie night.

Whether you choose one activity or spend the day doing them all, your kids are sure to enjoy these fun St. Patrick’s Day activities.



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i am not the best at arts & crafts, but i do enjoy the fun my nieces and nephews have while we are doing them. 🙂

Jo Anne Vincenti

will have to try these with the grandkids