Garfield Carfields’ Halloween Adventures

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Garfield Carfields’ Halloween Adventures

Halloween is right around the corner and Garfield’s Halloween Adventure is just what you need to get this season started off right! Odie and Garfield are off for some adventures, including finding themselves at a haunted house. This DVD has extra adventures for you to check out too! Jon, Garfield, and Odie also go on TV to try and win a content. Watch as they head to Hollywood!

GARFIELD: CARFIELDS’ HALLOWEEN ADVENTURES” which will be available on DVD August 28, 2018. Get ready for Halloween, because Garfield sure is! Follow the orange tabby and Odie, the crazy-fun pup, as they go trick-or-treating, dress-up as pirates, and many more adventures!

The DVD features these two fun-filled episodes:

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Garfield and Odie get dressed up as pirates to go “trick-or-treating.” When they attempt to cross the river in a rowboat, they accidentally end up at a haunted house where ghostly pirates are expected any minute!

Garfield Goes Hollywood

When the TV show PET SEARCH announces a pet talent contest, Jon devises an act for him, Garfield and Odie: ‘Jonny Bop and the Two Steps.’ They win the local event and head to Hollywood for the finals where Garfield and Odie cut Jon out of the act and become ‘The Dancing Armandos.’


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Garfield Carfields' Halloween Adventures


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