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Get Your Kids In The Garden This Summer With These Awesome Activities

Get Your Kids In The Garden This Summer With These Awesome Activities

Get Your Kids In The Garden This Summer With These Awesome Activities

I always hear lots of parents complain that their kids don’t play outside in the garden when the weather is nice. Instead, they simply spend all day laid out on the sofa in front of the TV! This is enough to drive any parent mad, especially once school has broken up for the summer holidays!

If you are desperate to get your kids out into the fresh air, you are probably scratching your head wondering how you can tempt them. Here are some of my favorite ideas!



Kids love wildlife, and if you garden is filled with lots of little critters, they will want to spend hours watching the different creatures running through the garden! One of the easiest things to coax into your garden is birds. You just need to add a bird feeder and bird bath into your garden and, before you know it, your garden will be a hotspot for feathered friends! You could buy a book of birds so that your kids can mark off all the different ones that they see.


Outdoor Toys

Another way to try and tempt your kids out into the garden is to buy some cool outdoor toys. For instance, a climbing frame or a trampoline will go down very well, and your kids will get a great workout when they are using them! When you are looking for a trampoline, Skywalkers are usually best as they come with a safety net. Reading reviews of these trampolines can help you decide which one to buy. But most parents have one big question when it comes to the 2017 Skywalker Trampolines Review: How Safe Are They Really? This question will be answered in non-biased reviews, which usually rank each type of trampoline in terms of safety.


Gardening Projects

Lots of kids love getting hands-on with various projects so it could be a good idea to start a gardening project with yours. For instance, you might want to create a pretty area of flower beds in one section of your garden. The kids can pick whichever flowers they want to grow and can spend some time setting up the perfect environment for them. You might also want to try growing your own fruit or veg. This is a fab way to encourage your kids to eat healthily!



Still finding it difficult to tempt your kids into the garden? You could always coax them outside with some yummy food! So, why not spend a few nights barbecuing outside. Once your kids start to dine al fresco, they will get used to being outside and will, hopefully, want to start spending as much time out there as possible! Don’t worry if you don’t have a barbecue; you can always have a picnic instead. Just spread a large blanket on your lawn and bring out some sandwiches, cookies, and cakes to enjoy under the sun!

Once you start to get your kids to do all these fun activities, you will find that they begin to love your garden. They’ll never want to come inside!

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