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Get Your Adventures at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Get Your Adventures at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

The five days I spent at the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch was absolutely amazing! It was just what I needed to get refocused on what matters in life, but it also pushed me to new heights (Literally)! But what was one of the most unique experiences of my life was one that I never expected to find on a Dude Ranch. As I said before, I was focused on surviving the five days and heading home, but I found so much more.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Adventure Staff

For example, one of the things I was worried about the most was my weight. Fat people won’t tell you that they miss out on a lot of activities because of their weight. It’s voodoo so to speak, and you just go with it, deal with it and go on. But there was not one activity that we did that I couldn’t do because of my weight. The staff all made the appropriate allowances for the activity we were doing, but not one time did I feel like “the fat kid that couldn’t participate”. Even when they needed something bigger than what they had on location, they could easily go grab one somewhere else. They were all very inspiring and made you feel like you could do anything!

ViaFerratta at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

One morning we got our adventure on and some of us were more adventurous than others, but that is ok because that is who we are as a person. Some of the more adventurous activities that Horseshoe Canyon Ranch has for it’s guests are: rock climbing, the ViaFerrata, hiking, ziplining, the free fall jump and of course The Screamer. While we started on the more adventurous side of things, some of us quickly realized that doing an activity wasn’t going to happen. For example, Stefanie and Molly both climbed the ViaFerrata but the rest of us knew it wasn’t for us. I was sick before even taking the first step so we hiked around the side of it and joined others at The Screamer.

The Screamer at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

While watching everyone enjoying The Screamer I thought to myself, there is no way that is happening. But the staff was there cheering me on and somehow convinced me that I should do The Screamer. As you can see from my face I wasn’t really sure about the whole deal, but I will say that the view of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch from that high was amazing!

After everyone who wanted to do The Screamer some went for a fall at the free fall location, but again that one wasn’t for me. I think it would be fun, and everyone who did it said it was a blast, but it wasn’t something I could do at this time. Next up was the ziplinning experience from the top of East Side of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. It was only a 277 foot drop at speeds at over 50 miles per hour! But the view was worth every step up that steep  hill (mountain)The zip line ride itself only lasts around 44 seconds but the adrenaline rush that you get is worth it and then some!

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

When I asked The Adventure Staff what they would tell guests before visiting Horseshoe Canyon Ranch here is their tips!

Unplug. Enjoy the the beauty, ranch and family time. Put technology away and push yourself to do new things. ~Jason and Ben

Never trust a blogger…followed by, keep the city off your boots!~ Morgan

Be open to anything and trust us.~Tucker

The entire staff goes above and beyond to make your stay perfect which is something most businesses can’t say! It is absolutely the best location to unplug, reconnect with nature and of course family. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch is a must see travel destination that I can’t wait to go back to visit.