Goals and Momentum

Goals and Momentum

Goals and Momentum

Self improvement includes making resolutions/setting goals and then overcoming obstacles to achieve them. Once you have reached your goal this process should not stop. Instead start working on a new goal.

As soon as you have reached your first goal you want to sit back and enjoy the feeling. You deserve to feel great about what you have accomplished. Your self confidence and your self esteem will be at new levels. So wouldn’t you want to feel this way again and again?

You should view self improvement as a never ending process. Eventually you will enjoy the challenge of creating goals and achieving them. You may find you start to set more challenging goals so that you can really test yourself. You can use your past success to now build upon new ones. You may have discovered new strengths and uncovered weaknesses you didn’t know you had. Now is the time to work on these things by setting new goals.

Many people like to work on a business goal first and then once this is accomplished work on a personal one. Sometimes personal goals can be to make those dreams come true. Going on that vacation or buying that new home you have always dreamed about.

Don’t wait too long after completing your first goal to get started on your second goal. Hit while the fire is hot and use the momentum you have going and build upon it. You will be glad that you did! So whether you decide to make a brand new New Year’s Resolution this year or turn it into a life goal you now have new tools under your belt to be successful in everything you do.



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