Gray Be Gone with Zotos AGEBeautiful Color

 Gray Be Gone with Zotos AGEBeautiful Color

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Zotos AGEBeautiful Color all opinions are 100% my own.

As moms we all deserve to look and feel our best, but we are always thinking of others before ourselves or at least most of us are. We find a reason to put off going to the salon to cover those pesky grays to pay for something for the kids, bills, groceries or a list of things our kids need. But we need to remember to take care of ourselves and that means taking time to cover up those pesky gray hairs. They seem to peek through between coloring or just start appearing more often especially the older I get. But with Sally Beauty Gray on Gray is the thing of the past because I can color my hair in the comfort of my own home for a fraction of the salon costs!


A few weeks ago I headed into my local Sally Beauty Supply store to see if I could find a few products for my cruise. I of course found what I was looking for as well as a few others things that I couldn’t live without! However, while I was there I was chatting with the sales ladies at the store and they were telling me all about Zotos Professional AGEBeautiful products and how much they loved them. There were a few ladies in the store that day and they all told me that Zotos Professional was the way to go! After a few discussions, checking out hair colors, and of course deciding on what colors I wanted I finally made my decision!


While I was in the store chatting with the helpful sales ladies I learned a lot of Zotos! Here are some of the facts about Zotos AGEBeautiful Anti-Aging Haircolor!

  • The Zotos AGEBeautiful hair color covers those pesky gray hairs for up to 8 weeks
  • There are 63 color choices available so you can match any hair color.
  • The Colors dye a bit darker than other brands due to a heavier dye load (hence the fantastic gray coverage)
  • Can be used with either a bowl and brush or an applicator bottle.
  • AGE beautiful anti-aging liqui-crème haircolor is the first color with Melanin, Keratin Peptide & a patented conditioning technology with silk protein to replenish hair with the essential  components that are lost with aging.
  • Available in Permanent or Demi-Permanent
  • It’s salon professional color that you do at home.

AGEBeautiful-Anti-Aging haircolor

AGE beautiful anti-aging haircolor, brought to you by the haircolor experts at Zotos Professional, is the first scientifically advanced haircolor proven to fight all 5 signs of aging hair.

  1.  Thinning – Instantly fuller and thicker hair
  2. Wiry gray- Dramatically soft, more manageable hair
  3. Turning Gray- 100% gray coverage for up to 8 weeks
  4. Dryness- Significantly more conditioned hair
  5. Dullness- Visibly more radiant, shiny hair
  • But most importantly it is affordable, easy to do and the perfect way to cover those gray hairs!!


Zotos AGEBeautiful Anti-Aging haircolor is exclusively available at Sally Beauty Supply Stores! During the month of April it is BOGO (Buy one Get One FREE!!) So this is month to start coloring your gray hair with AGEBeautiful from Sally Beauty! Check out the pictures, coverage and videos to see just how great this product works in just one coloring!

Before and After Zotos

With all of these anti-aging benefits, covering gray and affordable salon care in the comfort of your own home, Zotos AGEBeautiful is the way to go. It even comes with a floral fragrance in place of the “hair color” smell, which is a nice change of pace. Be sure to check out their website for all kinds of information on “How to mix the Hair color”, shade charts and much  more useful information! With Sally Beauty and Zoto’s on my beauty team I may not have to frequent the salon once a month!

Be sure to follow Sally Beauty and Zotos Professional on Twitter and check out these hashtags to stay up to date on all things AGEBeautiful!

#agebeautiful #dominategrays

Even my nephew Briar got in on the covering of the gray’s by using the Zoto’s mixing bowls as a way to make his marbles go around in circles! It was just to cute not to share!

Be sure you get entered for your chance to win a professional color tool kit ($65 Value) and choice of one color + developer. Everything YOU need to help you cover grays and fight off the signs of aging too!! Good luck!! 
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*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Zotos AGEBeautiful Color all opinions are 100% my own. 



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Anita k

The age beautiful permanent hair color would be great.thanks so much for sharing.

kathy dalton

id love the permanent liqui-crème:


AGEbeautiful ultra moisturizing shampoo


id like to try the creme lightener

Linda Madden

I would love to try the permanent hair color. My hair needs a lot of work.

Terri S

I would love to try the 6R permanent hair color.

Dana Morin

I would love to try the permanent hair color.

Julie Chadwick

Permanent LiquiCream!!!