Hair-Extensions Tips: 5 Ways to Make Them Last Longer

Getting hair extensions is expensive, so it’s essential to take care of them so you can use them longer. There are many types of hair products, but the most in-demand types are extensions. They provide volume for that luscious mane look, and out of all of them, it’s the tape-in ones that are easier to apply and take off.

Unlike microbeads and waves, tape-in extensions require less tugging and have fewer health hazards from skin contact with toxic glue. While tape-ins may not be the cheapest kind of hair extensions, their cost is justified. Below are tips on how to make them last longer to get the most bang out of your buck.

Brush Slowly and Gently

It’s important to detangle your hair daily before it becomes a matted mess, but remember to brush slowly and gently. No matter if you feel like your hair is tangled or not, it is recommended to start brushing from the bottom. Once you feel like the bottom third of the hair is tangle-free, move up until you reach the part just before the extensions start. 

Never pull on tangles; it may cause breakage, and your extensions may end up looking like a bird’s nest. Use the recommended brush with nylon bristles. You can use a wide-tooth comb or soft-bristle brushes as well.

Use Less Shampoo, More Conditioner When Washing

Since hair extensions are on your scalp all the time, the oils and gunk may accumulate in them, so it is important to clean them. You may wash your hair with shampoo, but do so sparingly.

You can make your hair and extensions soft by washing them using only a conditioner.  sulfate-free shampoo is recommended because sulfates can be too harsh and render hair appliances dry. Make sure to add a leave-in conditioner after shampoo.

Air-Dry Only If You Can

A hair dryer is a handy tool to dry your hair quickly, but it is considered a no-no if you have hair additions. Don’t wash your hair if you don’t have the time or if you know you’ll be busy. Once you’re out of the shower or after washing your hair, pat your head gently with a towel, then run your fingers over your hair softly. 

Never attempt to brush your hair while it is wet. If you must, use your fingers, never a comb. If something comes up and you absolutely must go out, you can use the dryer, but use the lowest setting to avoid exposure to excessive heat. 

Hair-Extensions Tips: 5 Ways to Make Them Last Longer

Use Hair Products Sparingly

Excessive use of hair products can damage or break your hair and extensions. Putting on more than one oil or spray will mean more maintenance work later to get rid of the buildup. That means more washing with shampoo can shorten the life span of the extensions.

Use hair products only as needed, like when you’re using heat protectants before using styling tools. Keep the heat settings at a minimum because hair extensions straighten or curl faster than natural hair does. As for hair oils, it is recommended to apply them to the tips of the hair to help moisturize it and prevent split ends.

Sleep with Care

It’s natural to wake up with tangled hair, but not if you have expensive hair extensions. When sleeping, put your hair in a plait to avoid tangling in it when you sleep. You can also use a scarf to prevent static and frizz. Not only will you extend the life span of your extensions, but you will also wake up with gorgeous, natural waves.

Take a look at this helpful tutorial to learn a thing or two about wrapping your hair.

So the list mentions five useful tips to help care for your hair extensions. Did it miss any helpful tricks? If you have tips and hacks to extend the life of hair extensions even more, please share your wisdom in the comments section below.