Halloween in a Jar

Halloween in a Jar

Halloween in a Jar

Some people go all out for each holiday, but at the SMSL household we decorate a little for most holidays. Halloween has always been one of my least favorites to decorate for, so each year I go less and less. Elizabeth doesn’t mind the lack of decorations and Mr. SMSL could care less, so I just do a few and go on. This year I have a Halloween in a Jar out along with a Ghost Frame, the DIY Frankenstein andĀ of course pumpkins. But that’s it, because I haven’t taken the time to do anything else. Halloween is just around the corner and this is a prefect craft to do with the kids or even on your own to get your home in the Halloween spirit.

Supplies needed:

Large mouth canning jar (pint works fine, just make sure you can add your miniatures into the opening of the jar.
Halloween miniature (Dollar Tree) or if you have something on hand this is a great way to cut the cost.
Faux grass or greenery
Felt pumpkins or other items as you wish
Plastic bat rings
Hot glue, glue gun

1. Begin by removing the lid from the canning jar. Turn it over.

Halloween in a Jar

2. This will be the space for your miniature. Fill the lid with faux grass or greenery. You can add glue underneath if you wish.

Halloween in a Jar

3. Add your miniature. Secure with glue if desired.
4. Snip the ring portion away from the bat rings. Add a dab of glue to the back and adhere them to the dome or bottom half of the jar.

Halloween in a Jar
5. Replace the base back onto the lid, keeping the entire jar upside down. Screw it into place so the two pieces join together.
6. Finish by tying a piece of yarn or ribbon around the base of the jar.



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