Heading over to Visit Turkey? 

Visiting a foreign country, especially one that isn’t common on the tourist list, like Turkey, can make you nervous. But if you prepare ahead, a lot of your concerns are quickly alleviated.

The last thing you want to do is end up in another country on your vacation and stay in your hotel because you’re not sure what there is to do. Turkey has so much to offer to its visitors and residents that you might find it difficult to squeeze everything in with a short trip.

To make your vacation to Turkey the trip of a lifetime, follow these 7 important tips!

Read These 7 Tips First to Make It a Trip of a Lifetime

Heading over to Visit Turkey? Read These 7 Tips First to Make It a Trip of a Lifetime

Know Before You Visit Turkey

1. A passport may not be enough. You’ll need a passport to get to Turkey, yes, but to get into the country, you may also need a Visa. It’s simple to apply online for yours and they are usually good for multiple entries and exits up to 90 days.

2. To really see the sights, you should book a tour. There are some countries where you can visit and explore without a guide, but Turkey’s culture is best viewed with a group. You can find Turkey packages from Dubai that include experts to lead you around and show you the top destinations. 

Unless you speak the native language and are familiar with the area, it’s best to book with a tour company. 

3. The World Wide Web isn’t quite the same over there. Your experience with the internet may not transfer over to what you get there. Wifi spots usually require you to have an international phone plan and/or a Turkish or European phone number to hook up to the access spots.

Be aware that you may accidentally stumble upon websites that are banned in Turkey. This list changes, so check with your travel agent or tour guide before you go.

4. Try to plan to go during peak season. Yes, you’ll end up with the other tourists, but the weather during the spring and fall is absolutely perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

Winter can bring harsh, cold weather with snow. Summer days, though, can reach highs of 100 degrees and above. If extreme weather is good for you, pack well and enjoy the trip!

5. The cultures vary. When you travel to a foreign country with values that you may not understand, you don’t want to stand out. Some areas of Turkey are very traditional, while others are modern. 

This means that some areas that you visit will have people that speak English and dress like you are probably familiar with. But other areas will be almost completely English-free and the dress will be conservative.

6. Transportation is a bit unique. Buses are available for intra-city travel, so if you’re planning on going to somewhere within your destination city and can speak and read the language well enough to get on the right bus, it’s inexpensive and easy.

Beyond that, though, be careful booking a taxi or overnight bus. You may end up with a scammer taking you the long way around, and overnight buses are uncomfortable physically and mentally.

7. Shopping is incredible! Leave enough room in your suitcase to bring home souvenirs from all of the shopping opportunities you’ll find. There are many traditional bazaars to give you the open-air feel of the excitement, markets, and specialty shops.

Prices are bargain rates, so plan on doing all of your holiday, birthday, and special occasion shopping here, no matter the time of year!

Add it to Your Bucket List

Whether you’re solo traveling or heading over as part of a group, Turkey is full of incredible sights, sounds, and tastes. 

Plan ahead and take an extended trip over for the vacation of a lifetime! What tips do you have to Visit Turkey?


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