Health and Happiness: The Best Ways to Futureproof Your Body

Want to feel good right now and prevent your body from illness in the future? Of course you do! We only get one life so it’s important to live well and make sensible decisions; here’s how you can go about it. 

Health and Happiness: The Best Ways to Futureproof Your Body

Eat well and exercise

Are you a bit of a serial dieter? Maybe you’ll eat healthily for months at a time before ‘falling off the wagon’ and going back to your old ways of junk food. This often happens when people’s priorities are in the wrong place. If you’re eating healthy just because you want to lose weight or look good in the here and now, it’s easy to give up when you don’t get results as fast as you’d like. Instead, you really do need to see healthy eating as a long term strategy for health and happiness. Don’t see it as being restrictive or missing out on the things you love, appreciate the goodness that you’re putting into your body and you’ll begin to love it. Forget boring plain salads and soggy boiled vegetables, find incredible colourful, healthy and tasty recipes online and make your food vibrant and exciting. Get into a healthy habits, and learn to love your body. That way you’ll give it the nourishment it needs, instead of being stuck in a cycle of restricting and binging. Physical activity is important to go alongside a healthy diet, it keeps your heart and lungs working well and allows you to keep your weight down. Obesity is linked with all kinds of awful yet preventable conditions; diabetes, heart disease and stroke to name a few. The choices you make today with your food and activity could keep you happy and healthy well into the future. 

Health and Happiness: The Best Ways to Futureproof Your Body

Quit your dangerous vices

Smoking, drinking to excess, illegal drugs- they’ll all take years off your life. So many people will try to argue the case by stating people they know who have lived to their nineties still doing these kinds of things but it’s not a good case. While the odd person might somehow get away with abusing their body and avoiding cancers and other illnesses, the majority don’t. If you speak to people that are much later in life, you’ll find almost none of them smoke or drink to excess. Give up the habits that are killing you off, these things will steal away precious time that you could have spent with your family. 

Go organic

Finally, one simple thing we can do to protect our health is to go organic. This is because pesticides on produce have been linked to issues from cancer to infertility to dementia. None of us want to spend our last year in pain or in alzheimer’s care, while it’s not something you can be sure to avoid 100% this is one way to lower your odds. Pesticide residue can still remain even after washing, so a good rule of thumb is if you eat fruits or vegetables with the skin on (grapes, apples, plums etc) buy organic. Other foods such as melons, bananas or pineapple where you dont eat the skin don’t necessarily  need to be organic since the part you eat wont have come into contact with the chemicals.