Hello Kitty Headphones

Hello Kitty Headphones

Hello Kitty Headphones are the perfect solution for kids. They are adorable, have built in kid safe technology and are adjustable! They are very sturdy as well so that is a definite plus when they are used everyday. The one thing that I noticed is that the cords got tangled up a little, but that is to be expected when they are being used by kids.

The Hello Kitty headphones worked with all of the smartphones we had access to, as well as the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy tablet. They also work with the laptop and desktop computer as well so that is an added bonus in my opinion. I brought them to my sister’s house for her two girls to use, but Bryar the three year old was just as excited over them as the girls were. But after a little bit of investigation on Amazon I found out that they also come with other characters on them as well.

  • Hello Kitty
  • Batman
  • Monster High
  • My Little Pony
  • Spiderman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

So no matter what age or if you have a boy or a girl you are in luck! These awesome headphones are only $23.36+$4.99 shipping and handling. But you can also pick them up at Tru or Kohls if you are in the traditional shopping mood! They are a high quality set of headphones that help protect kids ears from louder than needed sounds. Pick up your Hello Kitty headphones today.

The product in this post was given to me in exchange for my review/opinion by Sakar. Even though this product was provided to me at no cost, I only personally recommend products that I think will be good for myself and readers. Thanks to Sakar for allowing me to review this great product.