Hoverfly XL The Perfect Gift for Kids of All Ages

Hoverfly XL The Perfect Gift for Kids of All Ages

Back when I was growing up Back to the Future was one of the coolest movies around and we all would have loved to have a flying skateboard. While Back to the Future probably dates me, a lot I will admit that I’m not as young as I once was. But the thought of having a Hoverfly XL sounded pretty good to me and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The day the delivery driver dropped it off, he told me to be careful and to not break a hip while I was learning how to ride it. We of course got a pretty good chuckle out of it, I knew that that I wouldn’t ever make it out alive if I tried to learn how to the ride it. While kids today probably don’t know anything about Marty McFly every time I see a kid on a hoverfly I think of them as this generation of Marty McFly. Here’s a few reasons why you need to get this Hoverboard for your kids this holiday season.

Go Trax Hoverfly XL

First Class Design

If you’re going to trust your life to a Hoverboard, then it needs to be designed well. Not saying a Hoverboard is something you trust your life with, but you get the idea. The Hoverboard XL is designed well. They’re built to last and from high quality materials. And let’s not forget that they are available in Alien Green,  Mars Red, and Nebula Black so if you have more than one child in the household they can have a different color.

Top Rank Torque

It’s probably not every day you care about torque in a hoverboard. The Hoverfly XL makes all the other hoverboards look piddly. The hoverboard from Hoverfly is perfect in the fact that it offers a power and smooth, self-balancing glide with dual 350W motors. Don’t forget it’s ready for some off-road action so it will be perfect for exploring all kinds of places.

Easy to Operate

The Hoverfly XL is fun to ride and easy to operate making it great for the entire family to enjoy.

Designed Well

Not only is the Hoverfly XL made with high quality materials, it’s designed by top spaceflight engineers. The tires, technology, and torque help to make this hoverboard what it is. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable hoverboard, then you need to check out the Hoverfly XL.

People of all ages and sizes can figure out this hoverboard. So, if you’re like me, and have seen these hoverboards all around, focus on getting only the best. The Hoverfly XL has not disappointed us at all!

Hoverfly XL



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Wow this looks really cool! Thanks for the review Heidi