How Technology Can Facilitate Setting Up and Growth of Eatery Businesses?

Eating out has emerged as one of the most popular entertainment activities today. The dining culture has slowly crept into our lifestyles as a permanent element. From casual student hangouts to family bonding to dinner dates to exclusive corporate dinners, the food business is a crucial part of every occasion. While setting up an eatery seems to be quite easy, since there are fewer legal formalities and barriers to entry involved, the same ease makes it a very fiercely competitive industry. It is very important that you are able to cut down your costs and maximize your revenues without compromising on your quality in order to grow sustainably in this industry.

One of the best ways to achieve that target is to tap the potential of E-commerce and technological solutions and use them to achieve greater efficiency. Technology-based solutions are readily available today at affordable costs. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are not aware of the potential that their businesses can achieve if they use the right tools and platforms. Here are some of the ways in which technology can help to minimize costs and to maximize revenues for restaurant businesses.

How Technology Can Facilitate Setting Up and Growth of Eatery Businesses?


One of the first steps when you will be in the initial stages of setting up your food business you will need to procure kitchen supplies and tools. Kitchen appliances, especially commercial-grade kitchen equipment can be very expensive and it is important that you get the best but at the best available prices. Unfortunately, in smaller cities and regions, there are fewer suppliers with limited variety and as a result, they often quote higher prices. E-commerce platforms and online businesses offer an excellent way to look into other cheaper alternatives that might not exist in your area and order from a remote location. Online suppliers such as have excellent prices and variety to procure restaurant equipment. You can also look out for reviews and specs to get a better insight about the right purchase.

Inventory and Order Management

One of the trickiest parts in restaurant operations is to keep a track of the inventory in your pantry and ensuring that the orders are completed smoothly without any delays. Manual management of both inventory and order often creates operational issues. Imagine refusing an order to a customer at the last moment because you ran out of a sauce. Inventory and Order Management software can help you streamlining everything. This software can be customized to fit your requirements and will alert you about what supplies are running out and what orders are flowing in.


Social media, website and mobile applications are the best low-cost ways to reach out to maximum customers. These avenues allow you to build a personalized relationship with your customers, receive orders quickly and reach a greater volume of customers without spending too much on ATL or BTL strategies. Using online marketing tools can help you get a competitive edge and stand put in the market if you are able to use it effectively and in an innovative manner.