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How to Balance Adventure and Relaxation on Your Next Vacation

How to Balance Adventure and Relaxation on Your Next Vacation

When you are looking to take a vacation from work, there are a lot of possibilities to consider. The average worker in the United States — with less than 20 years at their current place of employment — gets 15 days of paid time off. Between holidays and emergencies, that is not very much time per year to spend on recharging and having fun with family and friends. You may be someone who values having new and exciting experiences while you are on vacation, but it is also important to give yourself time to relax while you are off of work. Taking breaks can make you more productive and more creative, not to mention the benefits to your mental wellness. The following tips can help you discover some key ways to make your next vacation both exciting and relaxing.

Choose a location that offers both

When planning your relaxing and exciting vacation, the location is obviously critical. You will want to choose somewhere that is within your budget and does not take too long to get to, but that also offers lots of different ways to spend your time. Places like the beautiful beaches in Florida could be the perfect compromise between relaxation and adventure. The oceans offer loads of ways to get involved in exciting water sports, but the beach and plentiful resorts give you some options for intense relaxation and stress relief as well. You could go parasailing near West Palm Beach one day, and be laying poolside at a resort reading a book the next. The versatility of a beachy town can help you get the most out of your short vacation time.

Pack right to ensure success

A key element of having a successful vacation no matter where you go is to pack right and pack light. By only packing what you need, you will make sure that you are not stressed out by baggage limitations on the plane or in your car. You will also leave room for any potential souvenirs you’d like to bring home for family or friends.

In addition to not packing too much, you should also pack the right stuff for your adventurous and relaxing vacation. Consider bringing a travel sound machine so that all your nights offer a full and satisfying rest instead of a groggy restless sleep. Since it is small, a travel sound machine won’t take up too much room in your luggage. You should also bring any other items that will reduce stress and allow you to rest easy, such as a weighted blanket, sleeping mask, and the book you’re reading. You should also bring things that will prevent issues from cropping up when you get home. If you are going to be out in the sun all day enjoying water sports, make sure you bring sunblock so that you don’t have to deal with a pesky sunburn when you’re back at work.

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Budget your time thoughtfully

To make sure your vacation is both relaxing and adventurous, budget your time thoughtfully. Make sure you give yourself enough time in your chosen location to do everything you want to do and explore all the sites you’d like to see. However, you still need to have enough time budgeted to have a couple days of relaxation at your hotel, resort, or on the beach. Consider planning for one rest day for every two days of big activities. Big activities could be hikes or museum tours that keep you on your feet and drain your energy. By thinking of your time like this, you are sure to emerge from your vacation well-rested and invigorated by all the adventures you had. 


Many people go on vacation to unwind and relax, while others look for that magical element of thrill. For your next vacation, why not consider a mix of both? By considering these factors, you’ll be sure to have a relaxing-yet-enjoyable break.


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