How to Make The Perfect Easter Basket for an Older Child

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How to Make The Perfect Easter Basket for an Older Child

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As many of you know we only have one child, who has now flown the coop. However, she is a big kid at heart and being an only child she is spoiled so each year we continue with the Easter Basket tradition. While we don’t always hide eggs for her to find, sometimes we do a few hard to find ones with cash in them. I’m not talking hundreds of dollars, some have ones, fives, tens and a twenty. But there is a caveat, if she doesn’t find them on Easter we get to keep the contents inside. There have been a few that have been really hard to find, so the “Easter Bunny” made back a few dollars. But it is always fun watching her search common places before really digging in and looking hard. She also has to clean up her mess that she makes in the mean time while hunting so it’s almost like a win win.

How to Make The Perfect Easter Basket for an Older Child

But believe it or not we aren’t that strict and we still do an Easter Basket for her and now her boyfriend. (They are always together so I feel bad leaving him out). So we end up doing two, but with firm budgets in place for all of the goodies that go into them. Last year we capped it at $40 and were able to put lots of fun things in their “baskets” and so we are thinking about the same thing for this year. But this year we are going with a theme and we are on the fence as to which to go with…A Cardinals Baseball Hat themed basket or a Tackling Box themed basket. They both love either theme and would be perfect for them both, so I will have to see which I end up with at a later time.

For now, we will be heading out to our local K-Mart to do some shopping for this year’s baskets. Why K-Mart? Because they have a wide selection of goodies to put into the Easter baskets but they are also a great place to pick up groceries and save money at the same time. Bonus for me and you and I will buy a couple of these special items to add to the baskets, because who can turn down such a great deal??

Easter 6-pack Candy or Lindt Gold Bunny for $2.50 on Sale (We always have a bunny in our baskets, and be sure to pick it up by 4/8!) Another Easter basket staple for us is Easter Packaged Chocolates for $1.50 on sale, from 4/9-4/15! But be sure to pick up other goodies while you are there because you can earn 25% in points with $10+ of Smart Sense Food & Drug Products at Kmart, talk about a great way to save, be sure to take advantage of the additional savings by 5/1!

While I would love to include a picture for you all to see, that won’t be possible until after Easter because I would hate to ruin the surprise for them. But in the meantime you can get entered for your chance to win a $100 Kmart Gift Card on the Rafflecopter below

Good luck!

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How to make the perfect #Easter Basket for kids! Check out these great deals and whip up your baskets today!



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I make an Easter basket for my daughter and on-in-law. My daughter gives me hints so I buy them, have to buy the Reeses peanut butter eggs they are the only ones that have the right ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. I try to pick up the newer candies . This year there were 2 newer candy bars out.

Some points expire quickly, so always check them before going shopping.

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learned that you can enter wonderful giveaways and free gifts from sears with points

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I learned that there are several stores to earn rewards at. Earn rewards on qualifying purchases you make at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, Craftsman, Kenmore and mygofer.

My son’s birthday is next month so that would definitely go towards presents

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I learned that you can earn points by shopping at Sears and Kmart and use them toward future purchases.

I would use the GC to buy clothes and sandals for the Summer.

I learned that you earn reward points for qualified purchases at Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, Craftsman, Kenmore and mygofer!

My children are adults so I would buy them things like towels, books and add some chocolate bunnies too for their Easter baskets!

I’d use it to purchase athletic pants and shirts for myself and my teen son. Thanks.

I’d give it to my sister so she can put it towards making Easter baskets for her 5 kids!

Probably pet food and sandals for summer!

I learned there are contests to win Reward points.

I learned I can earn points shopping at GameStop!

I would love to buy some new drapes for my bedroom and a new dress for Spring.

I would buy something special for my grandson for his birthday.

the Kmart by my house closed, but I still drive further away to shop their deals!

I learned that we get points for every purchase!

New shoes for my children


I like to add Itunes cards, magazines, water flavors, along with tons of candy d socks for my older kids- I can pick all that up at Kmart

I would spend the $100 gift card to buy spring/summer clothing for my girls. This is an amazing giveaway, thanks for this chance.
Kmart’s rewards and surprise points are amazing. I also like that the cashier can double check to see if I have an points(money) to use towards my purchase.
We love Kmart, it’s family friendly, and reasonably priced.

I would put the gift card toward a bed I have been looking at for my son, if I win. 🙂

I learned you can earn points by shopping at Sears and Kmart and use them toward future purchases.

If I win, I will use it for clothes and shoes for my kids.

You can earn points by playing sweepstakes!!

I have the Kmart reward and love it.

I would use this Kmart gift card for my son’s birthday coming soon and for Mother’s Day for my Mom.

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