How To Plan The Perfect Route 66 Road Trip

With around 85% of American vacations being domestic, a road trip is one of the most popular ways to travel. After all, road trips are far less stressful than air travel, and are a cost-effective way to travel with friends and family. With that said, if you’re planning on taking a road trip in the upcoming year, Route 66 is always a great choice.

An iconic route

Route 66 is a well-known historical route that was one of the first routes in the U.S. Highway System, and is commonly referred to as the Main Street of America. Stretching all the way from Illinois to California, it’s known for its close proximity to several iconic attractions, including state parks, museums, and other historic landmarks. Passing through eight states and three time zones, Route 66 can bring road trippers the unique opportunity to see a lot of the country from just a single route.

How To Plan The Perfect Route 66 Road Trip

The importance of planning ahead

When planning any road trip, it’s important to plan ahead for several reasons. For example, planning ahead can significantly reduce travel stress, can ensure that the trip goes smoothly, and can also prevent the stress of last-minute decisions. However, when it comes to a Route 66 road trip, one of the most important things to plan ahead is the vehicle you will take along for the ride.

Since a Route 66 road trip can last about two weeks (or even longer, depending on how you plan it), choosing a vehicle that’s practical for the trip is a necessity, especially when it comes to dependability and comfort. For many, a large option like an RV can prove to be the most practical choice, whereas other vehicles like an SUV can be just as reliable for shorter trips along the route. And, if you don’t already have your vehicle of choice available, making plans to rent or buy ahead of time may help cut down on costs.

How To Plan The Perfect Route 66 Road Trip

Must-see attractions and things to do

While Route 66 has a plethora of things to do and see along the way, there are some notable destinations that are definitely worth putting in your plans. For example, the Grand Canyon National Park and the Barringer crater – a meteor crater formed 50,000 years ago – are both located in Arizona, and offer spectacular views created by nature. Cadillac Ranch is another must-see, showcasing 10 Cadillac cars buried nose down in single file. Last but not least, at the endpoint of the route sits the Santa Monica Pier in California, home of the Pacific Park amusement park. With several shopping and dining options, there’s no better way to celebrate the end of your Route 66 trip.

Route 66 is a renowned highway that is positioned near several must-see attractions and things to do, making it the perfect route for a road trip. By planning ahead, you’re sure to have a great and memorable road trip along this historic route.


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