Traveling With Children: How to Quickly Learn a New Language

If you plan on traveling with your children at some point in the future, one of the most useful things that you can do beforehand is to teach them some of the foreign languages that they will be hearing and speaking in those countries where you travel. But how do you prepare your children to speak a brand-new language? We will look at five of the best ways that you can get them interested in learning a foreign language and be able to communicate on some level while traveling.

Play Language Games

The first tip is to play language games with your children. Although it can be really fun to play these games while you are on a plane or traveling around a foreign country, you don’t necessarily have to leave your country to do this. You can practice these travel games while you are driving to another state. For example, instead of playing the ‘I Spy’ game in the English language, try playing it with some foreign words. This will allow your children to learn words for some of the things that they pass on a road trip.

Hire a Tutor

One of the best ways to teach your children a new language is to have them study with a tutor. There is a good reason the tutors are able to charge the prices that they do. They are extremely effective at giving children to learn a new language quickly. Hiring someone to tutor your child just a few times a week will allow them to learn a new language from scratch within a year or so. This is due to the ease with which children learn new things.

Install a Language App

you definitely can install a language app on your child’s mobile device if you want them to learn a foreign tongue. The great thing about these language apps is that many of them are geared towards children and are therefore set up to work as games. Your children are going to play games anyway on their mobile device, especially during a road trip, so you may as well have been learning a new language instead of playing a game that is going to teach them nothing.

Bilingual Immersion

Another great way to teach your children to speak another language is by what is called bilingual immersion. Children learn in a much different rate than adults do, so when they are exposed to a language for just a very short period of time, they tend to pick up most of it. What that means is that if you were to speak two different languages in your home throughout the development process of your children, there’s a good chance that they would end up being bilingual. But there are also classes that are intended for children and are specifically for bilingual immersion. They are taught entirely in the foreign language, and although children don’t understand everything that is going on first, they pick it up very quickly

Just Travel!

Finally, if you want to teach your children how great it is to learn another language, then you may want to just start traveling to other countries with them. Not only are they going to pick up parts of the language simply by being there, but they are also going to understand why it is important to speak a different language than the one that they speak at home. Don’t be afraid to take your children to a foreign country, even if they don’t speak the language, because they will pick it up fast.

What tips do you have to help kids quickly learn another language?