How to save money on home improvements


It’s that time of year again – new year, new resolutions – the perfect time to get in the mood for spring cleaning and doing all of those things to the house you’ve been dreaming about for ages. But how can you get everything you want sorted out on a small budget?


Thanks to the proliferation of the internet, free advice on home improvements is easy to find, and with video streaming sites such as YouTube hosting a huge number of videos showing you how to do all those long-awaited DIY tasks you haven’t known how to start, doing it yourself is becoming the norm.


All of this is well and good, but where is the best place to start? Getting the house clean and ridding it of all the unnecessary clutter is the easiest way to bring noticeable change about the home. If the carpets are full of coffee stains and muddy footprints, an option such as Carpet Cleaning Toronto can deliver instant results, and bring your carpets back to life.


Once the floors look like new, we can move on to the walls. If ever you just need to touch up a small area, always search out samples at your local home improvement store. These will be either free or at minimal cost, and prove a great way of covering up pesky wine stains on the wall that won’t otherwise come off. Samples can also be obtained for wallpapers, carpets and the like, so you can get hold of a small rug to add a centerpiece to your living room for next to nothing, and brighten up boring white walls with strips of patterned wallpaper if you don’t want to fork out to decorate the entire room.

If you have rooms in your home that don’t receive a lot of light and face the wrong way for the sun to have a lot of rays in the room, consider opting for mirrors. The most expensive aspect of these are usually the frames they come with, so if you feel in a DIY mood, see if you can find some cheap mirror glass and get inventive. Once added to the room they will reflect light around it, and if you can add several, the light will reverberate all around and brighten up the whole room without having to install new windows or repaint the whole thing a lighter color.


Now for the creative side – that can really set your home apart if you want to go down this route. If you are able to get hold of a sewing machine, for example, and you can source cheap fabric from somewhere local or off the internet, it is possible to make your own curtains, design throws for those couches that are looking a bit worse for wear or make some new cushion covers for the ones that you can’t clean thoroughly. These kinds of touches can really personalize your home, and for relatively little cost compared to buying new products. New furniture especially can be very expensive, so finding a way to bring your existing items back to life will save a small fortune if you are trying to improve the whole house.


Feng shui is an important aspect to any home, and considering this ancient philosophy of harmonizing your home with everything in it can really affect how your home looks and feels. Just by moving a few things around and altering the directions that it all faces, it can greatly affect the energy of the home and make it feel a lot closer to how you want it to feel.


The internet can also be a great place to get hold of those tools that you will probably only use a couple of times; you don’t want to shell out on buying them just for them to end up covered in dust in your garage forever. It is instead possible to rent these kinds of home improvement tools, and get the job done without breaking the bank.


So there we have it, just a few ways to motivate you into getting those home improvements started. With all of the things now available to us, there are fewer excuses to put off what you have been dreaming about for ages, so get looking and see what changes you can make.