How to Stretch Your Dollar Further

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How to Stretch Your Dollar Further

How to Stretch Your Dollar Further

It’s a New Year and for some reason everything seems to slow down a bit when January and February hit. People start looking for ways to save. I wanted to share some ways in which you can stretch your dollar further this year.

#1. Look for Sales

This is, of course, a really easy way to stretch your dollars. Why pay more for something when you can get it on sale? If you’re looking for ways to stretch your dollar this year, always look for sales. Sales come in many shapes and forms, so always be on the lookout. Sometimes the best sales are the ones you happen to come upon.

#2. Use Less

One thing I’ve come upon and a great way to spend less and make your dollar stretch is to use less. Use less toilet paper, use less gas, and use less of anything else you can think of. It’s truly amazing how much humans consume in a day. Sometimes we’re using things just because it’s there and we can. Take some time to think of how much extra you’re using and how you can start using less.

#3. DIY

There is a “do it yourself” movement in America because everyone is waking up and realizing there is so much they can do themselves. Sure, there are some things you should hire people for like changing the engine in your car. However, there are a lot of things you can do yourself, you just may not realize it. Take some time to check out ways you can start doing things yourself around your home. Your dollar will go much further whenever you’re doing “things” yourself.

#4. Don’t Throw Items Away

What? Yes! There are so many things that are thrown away that could be put to good use. Statistics show that the USA throws away at least 40% of their food. Whether that is households, grocery stores, or even restaurants, it’s not clear. Maybe a total of all, but still 40%? Let’s stop throwing items away and reusing them or at least giving them to others who may need them.

#5 Use Vinegar in place of some cleaners

Use Vinegar and Baking soda on your carpets instead of high priced cleaners. I fill up my soap container with vinegar and water like directed. Then on those high traffic areas I sprinkle baking soda on the spot and poor vinegar directly on it. The house smells clean when your done not like vinegar surprisingly. I also clean my windows with vinegar and water. I just use my empty spray bottle a 1/4 cup vinegar and fill the rest with water. I also use Newspapers in place of paper towels because that’s how my Nana taught me to clean windows because they don’t leave streaks.

When it comes to stretching your dollar further, a lot of the money we spend is because of convenience. For example—eating out. If you want to make your dollar go a lot further, simply start thinking twice before you spend the money.


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Thanks for all your tips on how to stretch the dollar to save money. I’ve been using vinegar and water to clean my home for a while instead of high priced cleaning products that have toxic fumes in them, but I never thought of using newspapers instead of costly paper towels to clean my windows and mirrors. Thanks!

I am so cheap I squeak but I have to be since we arent high earners. I would also add quit going out for fast food, or make a treat to do so, and make sure you have a coupon for it when you do.Reuse, recycle repurpose if you can.

These are great ways to be frugal with your money

I love the tip to Use Vinegar in place of some cleaners. I have been using vinegar much more often lately.