How to Throw a Birthday Bash Your Husband Will Love

How to Throw a Birthday Bash Your Husband Will Love

It’s no secret that women find men extremely hard to shop for and even harder to entertain if you don’t know or share their interests. But with a few helpful tips, you’ll be able to throw the man in your life a party he’ll be thrilled to attend.

Make a list of his interests

Don’t stop at “likes to watch football.” Put some serious thought into it. Does he do a lot of grilling or like shoot hoops with the guys? Or maybe he prefers his socks in a particular order. Sure, some of his interests won’t lend to a great party theme, but they could help you buy him the perfect gift, which is equally important. A guy who loves coffee for example, would probably enjoy a coffee subscription as a gift.

Once you’ve got a good list, you’ll probably be able to pick out his main interests. This could give you a good idea of what to buy him, whom to invite and where to have the party.
Decide on a budget

You don’t have to have a huge budget for a birthday party, but some people do make exceptions for big ones like the 40th or 50th. The main thing is to set aside some money as far in advance as possible so that you know how much you can spend. Don’t forget to factor in every detail, including food, drinks, venue, paper goods, etc. Your budget will likely determine where you’ll have the party and how many guests you’ll have. But it doesn’t have to change your plans completely. If you feel you’re running a little short, but still want to have the party at your hubby’s favorite expensive restaurant, just make sure to let your guests know dinner is dutch treat, but you’ll provide the cake. Or if it’s a big bash the whole family is involved in, you might even consider asking his family whether they’d like to pitch in.

Decide on a venue

The list of interests you made will go a long way toward deciding on a party venue. Make it all about him. If his favorite pastime is playing baseball with his co-workers, why not have an informal surprise party at the field where they play? You instantly have a theme and guest list for something you know he’ll have fun doing.

Another great place to have the party is your backyard. A lot of people feel most comfortable in their own element. This could be especially true if you’re having the party after a long work day. Look into some local table and chair rentals so you’ll have room for the guests and put his best friend in charge of grilling the steaks.

If you think your man would enjoy a night out for his party, be sure to check out local venues and book them in advance. You’ll need to know how many people will be there and any special accommodations you might need for your group. Whenever possible, it’s easiest to reserve a private room so that you can bring cake and gifts without getting in the way.

How to Throw a Birthday Bash Your Husband Will Love

Plan ahead

Most importantly, try not to throw everything together at the last minute. He may not care that it was rushed, but the lack of planning will show. You may end up forgetting to invite some important guests, not be able to book a venue, end up going way over budget with last-minute details, or end up feeling stressed and in a bad mood during the party. Be prepared before the event so everyone can relax and have a good time.




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