How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

If you’re anything like me, you love throwing parties, but don’t like the cost of it. One of my favorite places to shop for anything is the Dollar Tree. You can find anything and everything there, cheap! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I wanted to share with you my ideas on how to throw a party cheap.

#1. Buy in bulk.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about the Dollar Tree and throwing a Valentine’s Day party is that you can buy in bulk. Whether you need flowers, paper plates, or napkins, you can buy it all in bulk from here. It’s a time saver to be able to buy everything in one place in large quantities.

How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

#2. You can be creative.

Creativity is a good thing when you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party. I like scouring the Dollar Tree because I can find so many good items. For example, when my daughter was younger, I would buy fun items to decorate the tables with. You can create a fun table setting with the items from the Dollar Tree. The paper products alone are enough to make a table look fabulous.

#3. Go balloon crazy.

I buy all my balloons from the Dollar Tree. You can decorate in style for Valentine’s Day with the various balloons they have available. I love the varieties that come in as well. From star balloons to heart balloons, celebrating V-day is going to be fun and budget friendly.

#4. Get all your candy goodies from the Dollar Tree.

Let’s not ignore the most important part of Valentine’s Day, the candy! You can really stock up at the Dollar Tree. I ALWAYS buy tons of candy. I can put together cute gift baskets for neighbors, friends, and family with what I find from this store. Plus, it’s budget friendly to get your candy from the Dollar Tree because then you can afford to give everyone at the party you’re throwing a special treat.