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Importance of Getting a Pardon and Removing Criminal Record in Canada

Importance of Getting a Pardon and Removing Criminal Record in Canada

Everyone wants to get a clean record as soon as possible. To clear yourself from a criminal record is essential for so many reasons. A criminal record follows you everywhere. You can never be free to do anything in a society with a background as a criminal. Getting a pardon and removing your criminal record can have a significant impact on your life.

Getting a Job:

Once you have served your time and have reformed yourself, you want to get out and make a living for yourself. It is almost impossible to get a job with a criminal record. While filling out a job application, you will find a section asking you if you have ever been convicted of a felony. It is better to be truthful and not lie on a job application as you can easily get caught with a background check. By getting a pardon, you can check that section ‘no’ with confidence as it will be a truth now.

To get a pardon, you should provide good behavior and that you are now a law-abiding citizen. Fingerprinting services will help you clear your record.

Importance of Getting a Pardon and Removing Criminal Record in Canada

Child Custody:

You cannot get the custody of your child if you have a criminal record. It can also restrict you to meet your child.  Your right to be a parent to your child is taken away from your once you are convicted. It becomes a necessity for a parent to get a pardon because they want to meet their offspring and spend time with them. You also don’t have a right to adopt anyone with such a background. Custodial rights are eliminated with a criminal record. A pardon can make it easy for you to be with your children.

Applying for Loan:

The financial situation after becoming a convicted felon is wrecked. You would have often thought about getting a loan for starting a business or to buy a car or home. Maybe you had planned to continue your education. But a criminal conviction indicates that you are dishonest and that you will have difficulty in finding a job. This shows that you won’t be able to pay your loan payment back and you will most probably be refused for a loan. Getting a pardon will resolve this difficulty.

Canadian Citizenship:

Canada has a firm policy against the criminal record. For acquiring Canadian citizenship, you need to have a clean record. Your criminal charges will play a significant role in whether you receive citizenship from Canada or not.  Even a minor offense can interfere in your application. If you are already living in Canada, you can get deported back to your country for a criminal offense. But if you get pardoned, the Canadian government can consider your application.

Getting pardoned is a time-consuming process, but it is worth it. It provides you a peace of mind that you won’t be rejected based on something you did in the past. It can also relieve you of the stress and anxiety you have due to your record.



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