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Important Maintenance Tasks to Complete around Your Home this Summer

Important Maintenance Tasks to Complete around Your Home this Summer 

While summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy lazing about in the backyard or entertaining family and friends, it’s also a time when it’s important to complete maintenance jobs around the house. Before you get too comfortable chilling out, here are some tasks to tick off your to-do list, whether you do them yourself or outsource the work to a professional.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Since you’re probably going to use your air conditioning extensively during the summer, it’s necessary to maintain your HVAC systems. Get your units serviced now, so they run optimally when the heat hits. Maintenance to reduce wear and tear and prevent small issues from turning into big ones will also help keep your heating and cooling systems from having to be replaced so often. 

HVAC devices should be serviced by experienced, licensed electricians once or twice per year. In particular, have the filters in your units cleaned and replaced, plus the ventilation and the condensation hose checked. 

Home Security Devices

Although having a security system watching over your property is beneficial at any time of the year, the tech is especially useful during summer. This is the time when burglars are out and about the most. Once you install a system on your property, keep it maintained so it keeps your home as safe as possible.

Check cameras and alarms for visible wear, particularly those situated outside, facing tough weather conditions. Motion sensors can fill with dust and dirt or wear down from the cold, so test them occasionally. Plus, replace batteries and light bulbs as needed, and remove vegetation like trees, shrubs, and vines that are covering up cameras and sensors and preventing them from doing their job. 

You may be able to do some of these maintenance tasks yourself, but for peace of mind, it pays to hire a specialist to maintain units. These Houston home security services are an example of the companies available to do this kind of work. 


If you take a look inside your home’s gutters right now, you may see that they’re considerably blocked up. They will likely have become filled with leaves over fall and winter, not to mention general detritus from your yard such as dirt, sticks, twigs, and so on. To stop gutters from rusting and developing holes, empty and clean gutters each quarter. 

If you can safely reach gutters and have the necessary abilities, you may be able to attend to this job yourself. Otherwise, contact a gardener, roofer, plumber, general handyman, or another qualified tradesperson. In addition, cut back trees that overhang your gutters so the channels don’t fill so quickly. If this isn’t enough, order micromesh guards. Once installed, theseguards will stop most external rubbish from entering gutters and building up. 


Another external job to put on your to-do list is getting your roof checked, cleaned, and repaired if it needs it. While we don’t tend to think about roofs very often, the fact is that they can develop issues just like anything else. If you don’t pick up on problems quickly, though, you can soon have leaks, a lack of adequate insulation, and other downsides to worry about. 

For safety reasons, hire a roofer or other experienced specialist to inspect the roof of your house annually. They will be on the lookout for things like tree vines or branches growing across the roof and lifting or cracking tiles, or broken tiles or shingles. Cleaning a property’s roof also has merit because it helps the outer structure to stay in good shape. 

Pools and Fences

 Now that the weather is warming up, you and your family probably want to start spending time in your pool, if you have one. As such, a maintenance task to complete ASAP is getting the pool water clean and ensuring filters and pumps are in working order. 

Make sure you also check the fences around your pool to be sure they’re safe and secure and won’t allow children or pets unsupervised access to the waters. If greenery has grown close to fences, you may need to remove or trim them back, too, so no one can use them to climb the pool fence. Plus, don’t forget that the latches on pool gates must be inspected closely, as these can loosen over time.

Maintenance tasks might not be at the top of your wish list right now, as there are pool parties to host, dinners to serve, and books to read on lazy afternoons. However, completing the above tasks or outsourcing the work to others will keep your home running smoothly and help you to avoid expensive property problems down the road. Don’t forget to check out Prepping for the Summer: How to Make Your Home Ready for even more tips! 

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