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Important Tools That Every Baker Should Have

Important Tools That Every Baker Should Have

Baking is one of the most therapeutic activities, Even people who do not enjoy cooking and kitchen chores much, tend to love baking and creating delicious desserts and bakes saviouries for themselves and their family and friends. However, vaking is a tad bit trickier than regular cooking since you are not dealing with regular stoves. That being said, if you are new baker, you can easily get your baking right by investing in a few tools and supplies.

Oven Thermometer

No matter how great your recipe and technique is, the temperature of your oven can alone make or break your entire effort. Having your oven temperature right is the most important element of your baking procedure, and this is by far the trickiest part too. Unfortunatel, most ovens are not automatically caliberated. That means if you have pre-heated your oven at a certain temperature, the real temperature of you oven might not be exactly what you have set it to be, and your recipe can turn into a disaster. The fool prrof solution to this problem is to have an oven thermometer. Although professional bakers might not need it since with years of practice they can easily estimate the temperatures and timings, howeve, if you are a newbie, this is a must-have tool.

Important Tools That Every Baker Should Have

Hand Mixer

A good hand mixer is a must have essential for aspiring bakers.  Although professional bakers can even get the job done with stand mixersif you really want to get your batter consistency right in and easy manner, a hand mixer can be a real life saver.

Kitchen Scale

Expert chefs will tell you that kitchen scale is the most useless thing ever because it is easy to estimate what how much would be a gram of chocolate or an ounce of butter. However, you should not try to attempt the guessing game if you are new to this. Kitchen scales are easily available in the market at economical prices and you will thank yourself for investing in to one. Your recipe will never go wrong if you will religiously measure every gram and ounce on the scale and follow the proportions carefully.

Baking Pans

Once you get into baking, you will discover how vast it is and how many different types of desserts and saviouries you can create. Therefore, it is important that you have all the right kind of baking pans and moulds to get at least all the basic items covered. Muffin pans, cup cake moulds, cake pans, square pan, and a pie plate should be a must-have in your kitchen.

Spatulas and Whisks

You will be doing a lot of whisking, scraping, mixing, stirin, frosting layering and a dozen other manual hand labor during your baking process. Therefore get as many different types of spatulas and whisks as you can. No amount of spatulas is enough so pick one every time you can. Make sure you have a few silicon spatulas in your inventory.

Rolling Pins

You cannot handle your dough right without a rolling pin. If you are new to handling doughs, buy a few different types of rolling pins so that you can try your hand and use the one that you feel most comfortable with. It is important to have your dough rolled out right or else it will result in being either undercooked or overcooked your food. 

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