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International Cream Puff Day

Who says the celebration has to stop after New Year’s Day? January 2nd brings plenty of reason to celebrate because it is International Cream Puff Day! Cream puffs were invented in Europe way back in the 1500’s and introduced to America in the 1800’s. These wonderful pastries are delicious, easy and fun to make!

International Cream Puff Day

Back when I was in school, cream puffs were a favorite in home economics class (which is now usually called FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences.) They were such a hit with the students, we made them about 3 times over the school year. To this day I still love making them.

Just boil water, butter, salt and add flour. Then beat in eggs and drop onto a baking sheet and bake. After baked, fill the center with your choice of whip cream or ice cream and don’t forget to sprinkle with powdered sugar and chocolate to elevate them even more.

These are a fun treat to make with the kids! Celebrate the day and make a batch of delicious cream puffs on January 2nd.  Looking for a recipe? I’ve got you covered on that too! 

Walking on Sunshine– Has a homemade family recipe and even has a filling that looks heavenly. 

Looking for a Valentine’s Day dessert? Then this Cream Puff with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream is for you! 

Want to kick off the New Year right? Do a random act of kindness and deliver these Cream Puffs to Community Helpers in your area. Some great examples are Doctors/Nurses, Firefighters, Paramedics, Police officers, or State Police stations. 

Love Chocolate? ME Too!! But this chocolate Cream Puff looks amazing and is on my try list when I find time to bake in the kitchen again! 

This one is the perfect recipe for kids or any Pokemon lover! The JigglyPuff Pink Cream Puffs look amazing as well. 

Don’t have time be in the kitchen? Me either most of the time unless it’s a quick meal, so I always cheat and head out to my local bakery. P.S. Check your local grocery store because I’ve found some in the freezer section that are delicious as well! Have plans to make some??  Order some goodies from Amazon to have the stuff on hand for when you do get time to be in the kitchen! 

Still hungry? Me too, always it seems, but these two recipes are delicious in their own way! Plus, if your house is anything like mine, we always have apples, cream cheese and chocolate! Happy Eating! 

Cinnamon Caramel Apple Cream CheeseApple Nachos