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Jelly Filled Donut Day is June 8

Jelly Filled Donut Day

Jelly donuts with jelly

Each day of the year is often times a food holiday that is unique and fun to celebrate. So I’ve done the research to bring you a fun food holiday each day!!

Jelly Filled Donut Day is celebrated each year on June 8th! Who doesn’t like deep fat fried donuts filled with jelly? A donut is usually deep fried dough that is then filled with jelly after it is filled if the center isn’t cut out of them. My absolute favorite jelly filled donut is raspberry if I have to stick with fruit, but vanilla pudding filled donuts are even better than that. No matter what donut you decide to have today, I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I will! 

Be sure you enjoy one of these delicious donuts today to celebrate this food holiday!

What is your favorite flavor of Jelly filled donuts? 


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