A Juice A Day: Delicious Vegetables Perfect For Healthy Juice

You may have heard the term “juicing” which has taken the dieting world by storm in the last couple of years. People turn to vegetable juice, often in the place of meals, in order to detox their body with the aim of losing weight, and finding more energy. Many nutritionists suggest that subbing out all meals in favor of juice for any length of time comes with significant health warnings, but a glass of healthy vegetable juice to start the day is amazing. It boosts energy, starts to hydrate you, and it ensures your body is bombarded with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to start the day. Here are five popular juicing vegetables, and a few suggestions for deliciously healthy recipes as an added bonus.

 A Juice A Day: Delicious Vegetables Perfect For Healthy Juice


Tasty carrot is a detox juice favorite. Along with other dense root vegetables, it’s particularly good for aiding digestion. Packed full of carotenoids, they’re the perfect antioxidant, so they help to keep the body in an overall great shape. Three carrots, half an inch of ginger, an apple, a pinch of turmeric, and some lemon juice, and you’ve got yourself the perfect morning juice, guaranteed to wake you up with its zing, and get you ready for the day ahead.

 A Juice A Day: Delicious Vegetables Perfect For Healthy Juice


Spinach is one of those leaves which has basically everything you need in it. It’s low in cholesterol and fat, and high in tons of vitamins and minerals. Green juices tend to be seen as the healthiest of the juices, and that’s usually because they contain tons of spinach. It can be thrown into most juices, but it works particularly well with cucumber, mint, and lemon. Alternatively, try it with apple, celery, lemon, and a couple of oranges for a really zingy and fresh start to the day.



Celery is a delicious vegetable in Bloody Marys and as a base for any stock, but it also goes incredibly well in juices. It’s a trickier vegetable to juice because of the stringy bits, but a good quality masticating juicer, such as those on HealthyButSmart.com will make short work of it. It’s a great source of vitamin K, as well as potassium and fiber, so a perfect addition. A few sticks of celery, an apple, and some lemon juice makes a deliciously fresh juice, packed full of goodness.

 A Juice A Day: Delicious Vegetables Perfect For Healthy Juice


Kale is another one of those magical vegetables which seem to contain absolutely every vitamin and mineral that your body needs to be healthy. Super high in protein and fiber also makes it a great vegetable for filling up on. It works in almost any juice as the flavor is subtle, but it works particularly well with carrot and ginger. Garden rhubarb is another great vegetable for juicing, and the tartness goes really well with the earthiness of kale in a juice. And both can be grown easily in your own backyard – bonus!


Are you a fan of vegetable and fruit juices? Let me know some of your favorite recipes for deliciously healthy juices and smoothies.