Jumpstart Battle for the Edge

Jumpstart Battle of the Edge

I might be telling my age here but I remember when JumpStart was only available on CD’s. Our daughter Liz had a new one for each grade she entered for several years to play on the computer to help her learn as well as have fun with technology. But now days JumpStart is keeping up with technology and allowing kids like yours to play online without the hassle of CD’s. Jumpstart is the leader in learning-based games for kids, and DreamWorks Animation announced the newest expansion pack, Battle for the Edge, for the wildly popular massively multiplayer game School of DragonsThis expansion pack will include storylines and characters taken directly from the Netflix original series Dragons: Race To The Edge Season 2 — set to premiere January 9th. This is JumpStart’s second expansion pack for School of Dragons based on the Dragons: Race To The Edge series.
Within the expansion pack, players will be taken on a journey to protect and defend Dragon’s Edge from the fleet of invading Dragon Hunters. Battle for the Edge includes 22 new quests, 9 never before seen lands, and new characters like Harald, a seemingly friendly pirate, and the Armorwing dragon. For the first time ever, players will get their very own customizable Viking hideouts, where they can raise and train their dragons — the most requested feature from School of Dragons‘ 25 million users. With a focus on science-based education, users encounter lessons like the adaptation of species to new environments, the impact of invasive species, how forces and motion influence the speed and direction of objects.
The Battle for the Edge expansion pack is available for free with all School of Dragons membership packages and $9.99 for non-members. School of Dragons is available to download now on iTunes®, Google Play™, Amazon®, Windows, Steam and online