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Kick Your Depression To The Curb

Kick Your Depression To The Curb

Did you know that 6.1 percent of people in America are manic depressive? Another 1.5 percent have a persistent depressive disorder, and 3.1 percent have mental anxiety. Before you diagnose yourself with depression, it’s important to be aware that not everyone who feels sad is depressed. We all have days when we feel blue, and there are a variety of ways that you can deal with this. Sometimes just staying active is the best option if you’re feeling down.

Depression is different. Depression is described as something that is constant, recurring or chronic. It can last for weeks, months or years. Generally speaking, you will only be considered medically depressed if you have been feeling seriously low for over a month. So, how should you deal with depression? Well, first let’s look at how not to deal with it and then we’ll look at some of the impacts it can have on your life before exploring a few solutions.

How Not To Handle Depression

First, you shouldn’t remain inactive for long periods of time. When you are depressed, there are a variety of common ways people handle it. Some people won’t leave their bed and may even try and sleep the day away. They do this in the hope that when they wake up, they will feel better or perhaps they will be able to tackle the issue head-on. The problem is that when you wake up whatever was causing the depression will still be there. Worse still, you will throw off your sleeping pattern which means that you might not get the right amount of sleep daily. This can lead to more issues because a lack of sleep will lead to increased levels of stress in your life.

On top of this, staying up at night will lead to you being in dark environments more often and again, this can alter your mood. You might also find that it alters the hormone level in your system that helps you sleep naturally.

Stress eating is another way people tend to deal with depression. When people are depressed, they may eat more fatty foods like chocolate or foods that are high in sugar. The reason for this is simple. They are trying to get the high that these foods give you and it will work in the short term. For a brief amount of time, eating these foods will make you feel better. Eventually, though, you’ll get hit with the low which will make everything feel a lot worse.

Finally, there’s self-harm. People often turn to self-harm because when they are depressed, they feel worthless, inadequate or like they deserve it. Harming also gives them relief and due to the natural hormones released when you hurt yourself that gives another natural high. This is why self-harm can be addictive.


How Depression Affects You

Depression affects you in a variety of ways hitting your self-confidence, your feelings of self-worth and your general mental state. As such, it is difficult to stay active, complete basic daily activities and even work. It almost feels like your mind is numb because you start to have a very little emotional impact to anything, happy or sad. The whole world becomes grey, and it can be difficult to snap out of it. But there is action that you can take.

Kick Your Depression To The Curb

How Should You Handle Depression

Obviously, if you can’t deal with it by yourself, you should speak a psychologist. Private psychologists are completely discreet, and there should be no shame in getting the help and support of an expert. Indeed, most professionals agree that psychiatry is a lot like medicine. Every so often, it’s worth going to the doctor to get a checkup on your physical health. With a psychiatrist, you can get a check on your mental health too. Typically, if you are severely depressed, there will be a route cause of trigger. A psychologist can help you uncover this and work towards a solution.


We’ve already mentioned before that there are various natural antidepressants that you can try like Roseroot. As powerful as Zoloft this natural herb is great and also makes a delicious tea. It doesn’t have the typical side effects of artificial antidepressants either, and that’s not the only reason you should consider using it. Typical antidepressants won’t have any effect for some people because their bodies are essentially immune to the effects. As such, a natural solution could be the best option.


Exercise can also be highly beneficial if you are feeling depressed. We’ve already mentioned how people tend to gravitate towards things that release endorphins but exercise has the same impact. Endorphins relieve pain and are therefore released when you complete a strenuous exercise. This is why you feel so great and alive after a long, hard, workout. It’s your body giving you some form of a reward.


Of course, you don’t even have to complete heavy workout routines. Yoga can be just as relaxing and will have the same type of positive impact.


Aside from this, it is vital that you don’t shut the world out when you are depressed. It can be tempting to do this and retreat from everything that could hurt you physically or emotionally. But by remaining open, you will give yourself the best chance the best chance at beating your depression and becoming a brighter version of yourself. The impact of leaving yourself open will never be instant, but eventually, you will see that your mood improves. You can’t isolate yourself away from people. You need to make sure that there is a support group around you to help you get through this difficult time in your life.


We hope this advice helps you deal with your depression. Remember, the first step is recognising you have a problem, accepting it and preparing to fight it. This is the only way you will actually recover mentally from a depressive state and come out the other side stronger than before.


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